Shinmai Maou no Testament Ep. 2: Master and servant

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0205

In this week’s episode, we will justify unwanted molestation! Read on to find out how!

— More gravity-defying breasts.

— Profound words from the harem lead: “I’ll protect what I choose to protect….” Then again, he and his ilk aren’t even creative. They simply call themselves the Hero Clan.

— Mio is deeply concerned about the fact that she couldn’t protect herself. But this is a trashy harem, so enough about her insecurities. Let’s have her faint, so that the hero has a reason to burst into the bathroom and gawk at his naked “imouto.” It’s not like there’s another person in the house who might be able to help or anything.

— Mio then recovers quickly enough. It’s almost as if she didn’t really need to pass out! She then indignantly slaps his hand away, because Basura had the gall to help them at the end of last week’s episode. Like why would he help them? WHY?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY ANIME PROTAGONISTS CAN BE SUCH HELPFUL IDIOTS!

— Uguu, you were just trying to protect me, so now, I will protect you, my well-endowed demon lord. She should probably pop those two giant zits on her tits, though.

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0222

— All of a sudden, the conversation turns sour when the girls ask how Basura was able to negate Maria’s magic. Tragic backstory? Do tell!

— We, however, see Mio’s parents dramatically burst into flames instead. In quite a hilarious fashion too, I might add.

— So Basura and Mio are supposed to form a master-servant pact or whatever. You know, typical harem anime shit. It works by having the servant kiss the seal that appears on one of the master’s hands. Unfortunately, Maria is trolling Mio or something, so the seal appears on Basara’s right hand instead. Oh boy, we’ve totally subverted these tropes…

— The best part is how Basara is expected to just comply and become Mio’s servant — she even sends him on a guilt trip — but when the tables are turned, she hems and haws.

— Uh, I think our demon lord is packing a little extra sumthin’

— So because Mio refused to kiss the back of Basara’s hand, she is now extremely horny. It’s a curse!

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0209

— The problem is solved easily enough! Just make Mio submit! And that is how yet another anime justifies forcing an imouto character to be submissive. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be cursed with sexual desires, would you?

— I don’t think breasts are supposed to do that.

— Get molested by a “brother” you hardly know? Pfft, just accept it.

— Yep, still the worst-looking anime breasts in recent memory.

— In the aftermath, the anime cheekily has Maria wiping down the floor. Hm.

— Well, even though we have heroes and demons and succubi, our characters still have to go to school. This time, however, it’s the harem lead who is the transfer student. Not Maria, though. She has a license that claims she’s an adult.

— Mio defiantly tells Basura not to cling to her at school. Uh-huh. Sure. Whatever you say. You know he’s just going to be in her class anyway.

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0215

— You don’t say.

— The too-average boy is immediately embraced by the class representative. Nothing excites a girl more than mediocrity. But we quickly find out that the girl is none other than Yuuki, a childhood friend. Well, every harem anime has to have at least one.

— We’re going through the checklist now. Next trope up, please! Hurry, hurry! We haven’t got all day! You there! Identify yourself!

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0223

“I-I’m the “All the boys are angry at me because the hot girls like me” trope, sir!”

Very good. We’ve been expecting you! Now where’s the useless, perverted best friend who can never get with any girl?

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0217

“Reporting for duty, sir!”

You’re an episode late, buddy! I hope you have a good excuse!

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0218Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0219

“I was busy acquiring access to the school’s rooftop, sir! Every harem lead must get exclusive rights to hang out on the rooftop, sir!”

Tch, I guess that’ll do.

Shinmai Maou no Testament - 0220

“And here’s a bonus tale about how Mio and Yuki are the school’s idols, sir!”

Well then… I guess everything is in order for at least this week.

— To Mio’s chagrin, Yuuki wants to meet Basara alone after school. There, we learn that Basara is also a creep. But more importantly, she tells him to stay away from Mio… and then the episode ends. Wow, what a cliffhanger! But anyway, that’s it till next week…

18 thoughts on “Shinmai Maou no Testament Ep. 2: Master and servant

  1. eternia

    All right…
    It’s been some time since I was entertained by your commentaries on trash shows, but this is it. This nailed it. LOL. Probably because how the anime itself is super trashy.
    I love how you make fun of the useless best friend reporting for duty.
    I don’t even remember his name.
    I thought he would be some kind of villain when he took away the manga who was covering his face, but, no, it’s shitty LN adaptation, what am I expecting?
    Also, MC-kun pretending to be cherry boy when he totally made Mio stain the floor.
    Can it get more trashy?
    Tune in for next week episode.

  2. spectreandy

    This show is just so lukewarm. It’s mediocre to an amusing degree but it’s still just middle of the road. The supposed risque scenes aren’t all that great, which brings me to the next point of…

    The show really should’ve just been adapted into an ero-anime. The artwork accompanying the LN and such are pretty much hentai anyway. The story looks to be pretty barebones, so it’s basically any ero-anime series with its H-scenes just taken out.
    And before anyone can say it, lately the art quality of ero-anime has largely surpassed that of mainstream anime. Granted more resources are poured into each episode because they rarely go past three or four episodes a series, but that’s a good thing.

    I’d rather watch four episodes of good quality art and hot H-scenes with these characters and do the usual thing and ignore the story and action. Like really? Are we expecting a story that will either pluck at our heart-strings or ask us philosophical questions? Not to mention, I can forgive the weird boobage going on here because I KNOW it’s hentai and tits go bonkers in them.
    But what we have here is just a meh-quality show that doesn’t do anything particularly well. And the fact that it’s attempting to be more sexually bold and raunchy than your average ecchi/harem anime but then doesn’t go all the way is just an example of failure. Why even bother? I’m betting that ero-anime gets a respectable amount of viewership too. Why not make it into a fun little eroge too if they really want to scrape in some more money.

    If you look up that art for this show on any H-site, it’s pretty fucking depressing when you compare that to this piece of shit show.

      1. spectreandy

        Well, the worst I can think of is Akikan from a couple of years back, but I’m sure there are a number of shows that I’m forgetting right now.

        The only reason why I think this show constitutes being middle-of-the-road is that I clearly think that Absolute Duo is worse in almost every single way. While the Demon Lord shit is tired as hell, I still think “Special Snowflake Guy in Academy Fighting Whatever Evil” is a couple of degrees worse. Not to mention the art is a little more developed than just eroge-generic.

  3. ironherc

    Let me guess, the new chick is from the hero clan and will be constantly clashing with miss demon lord…………god, I cannot believe I was ever going to get sick of the idea of demon lords in general. Can someone tell me where does the appeal come from? It must had started somewhere.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Can someone tell me where does the appeal come from? It must had started somewhere.

      You’re badass lord. It pretty much appeals to anyone with the maturity of a 10 year old.

  4. IonCaron (@IonCaron)

    Well that article on squirting research CAME from nowhere. HAhaha! …sorry

    I’ll give them a modicum of credit in that, if a bright-eyed, reasonably fit guy with battle scars all over appeared to a class of high school girls, they probably would faun over him. That aside, this is just a porn. I’ve said it before and this won’t be the last: I fully expect a censored full-on porn scene at some point.
    The “PSA secretion” on the floor confirms this.

    …And really, what the fuck is wrong with the BBFC? It’s amazing that in this age we still have to deal with puritans in high places, only now they aren’t uniformly tied to a religion.

  5. Pia

    “I-I’m the “All the boys are angry at me because the hot girls like me” trope, sir!”
    Hahaha that was funny!, that trope never gets old, it’s odd that its twin trope hasn’t shown up yet, I’m talking about: “the new student is a perv trope”


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