Kuromukuro Ep. 10: Sigh

Kuromukuro - 1020

We get a rather forgettable episode this week. 

— Suspicions abound. People are beginning to wonder if Ken and the alien invaders are actually one and the same. To be fair, it’s not exactly easy to believe our hero’s story. Nobody can verify any of it. It also doesn’t help Ken’s case much that he shares a lot of similarities with Fusnarnie. They have similar weaponry, and a neural thingamajig have been installed in their bodies.

— A pair of familiar-looking agents show up to interrogate Fusnarnie. As expected, the latter doesn’t say much. Efidolg is not a home planet, apparently. Instead, we’re all a part of “it.” What is “it?” Your guess is as good as mine, because Fusnarnie only gives the agents a creepy smile in response. Great.

— It’s one of those slower episodes where we tie up some loose ends and laying the foundation for future episodes. Ken is troubled, because he feels as though he’s seen Fusnarnie before. Marina still thinks he’s trying to confess his love to a girl, so she gives him some advice. Luckily, it proves to be useful later anyway.


Kuromukuro - 1012

— We then see Akagi expressing his desire to become a GAUS pilot. He’s told by his teacher that he’ll have to go to college, however, to pursue this career. Eh, we kinda already know this won’t be the case. Eventually, we see Akagi get the high score on some mech-based arcade game. We laugh, because we think a video game can’t adequately prepare someone for real-life mecha piloting. But as Akagi leaves, someone else crushes his high score. That someone else is none other than Sophie. Hoo boy. Again, Kuromukuro is just laying the foundation for what’s to come. Nothing too exciting here.

— Back to Fusnarnie, he refuses to give the agent and thus the audience anything to work with. He continues to be arrogant and dismissive, but at the same time, he insists that they, i.e. humanity, the UN, the Black Relic, etc., just give in to his organization’s demands. After all, their duty is to “[bring] prosperity to uncivilized planets.” Golly, why wouldn’t we want that?! You’re really making your case there, buddy. I’m guessing wherever Fusnarnie’s from, he’s never heard of the saying, “You catch more flies with honey.”

— Fusnarnie repeats what we already know. They’re here to recover some sort of “hinge” that broke apart, they think the Black Relic has betrayed them, blah blah blah. And oh yeah, he wants to talk to Ken.

Kuromukuro - 1023

— So when Ken and Yukina arrive at the UN headquarters, the agents immediately want to question the guy.

— Again, same old story. Invaders came, people died, the princess was kidnapped. What do we learn? He and the princess formed a blood pact right before he piloted the Black Relic for the first time. We’ve already suspected that Yukina is some sort of distant descendant, but I guess this makes it a little more official. Still, it can’t just be blood, can it? Otherwise, her family members should share the same affinity…

— Also, we get a better look at the person or demon who may have betrayed Fusnarnie and his pals. It is also likely the same individual who saved Yukina a couple of episodes ago.

— So the agents don’t believe Ken, and Fusnarnie breaks his own left hand to free himself from his shackles. He proceeds to kill the soldiers guarding him, then retrieves his personal effects from the laboratory. The Longarm immediately comes to life and starts moving towards its owners’ location, sounding alarms across the base. Everyone readies themselves for battle, but Yukina is somehow on her own, and ends up bumping into Fusnarnie.

Kuromukuro - 1030

— Not much to think or say about this episode. It isn’t high on character development, nor is it high on plot developments either. It merely serves as a forgettable bridge between major plot events, which is a shame. Any loss in momentum is a shame. I can’t say I’m too excited to see next week’s episode.

4 thoughts on “Kuromukuro Ep. 10: Sigh

  1. zztop

    Perhaps we lost momentum, but we do gain some intrigue, especially now it sets up the princess as a major person of interest in what happened back then. This spoiler key animation frame from PA Works’s ad confirms it.

    There’s some theories going around based on some of the episode that the Efidolg could be aliens that use human bodies as hosts to get around (like the Goauld from the Stargate SG1 TV series). It would explain the kidnapping angle and Kenn recognising Fusnarnie(‘s host body), although more concrete reveals are needed.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I really try not to spoil myself with key animation frames or whatever. The anime itself is all I want to pay attention to.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s pretty obvious at this point that the “blood pact” with the princess was to pass on whatever nanotechnology they need to use the relic. Heck, in the first few episodes we see Yukina get injected with them by the relic, which explains why she can understand it. Just because Ken says she “looks like the princess” doesn’t mean that there is something special about her (as you said, if that was the case than her family would also be similar, especially the women), and before someone tries to say it the relic only opened in the first episodes because it felt the presence of Efidolg troops closeby. At least that’s what I think so far.

    1. E Minor Post author

      We’ll see. You make a good point, but I also feel that anime is rarely often subtle, so if Yukina is a dead ringer for the princess, it usually isn’t just a coincidence.


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