Re:Zero Ep. 11: No animals were harmed in the making of this anime

it's done

Praise the sun, it is finally over! Okay, okay, time to temper my happiness. According to some poor, informed souls (why do you guys know so much about this terrible story?), the next arc is going to be even longer than this one. So yes, the end of our dog-killing, maid-loving arc is nothing more than a sweet yet brief respite. The future looks more uncertain than ever! But on the bright side, at least there is a future. As Subaru would say, at least we can finally think of tomorrow. The show may not have much of a plot, but at least it’s finally moving along. Praise the sun!

Alright, let’s get to the episode itself.

— What is the answer to a question that nobody asked? Why, it’s a flashback regarding the twins and their childhood!

— I love how these villagers are demons only in name. Yes, they have horns… comically-looking horns, but meh. Other than that, they don’t seem all that different from us regular folks. Their affinity for magic is nothing special since, well, this is a fantasy universe and even Subaru can use magic. So what makes these people particularly “demonic?” Why not just give this race some generic fantasy name instead? The word “demon” lends itself to certain expectations, which have not been fulfilled whatsoever.

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 1106

— Anyways, the girls’ origin story is nothing special. Ram was the prodigy, Rem wasn’t. The latter struggled with her inferiority (and her ugly face), but eventually grows to accept it, because her sister always supports her. How sweet. It seemed rather patronizing to me, though. “Mom, Dad, don’t you think these steamed potato taste really great? The salt is really, really on point!!” Way to go, Rem.  You really know how to salt and steam a fucking potato.

— One day, the Ku Klux Klan some unknown group came and slaughtered the entire village. Ram tried to defend her sister, but she lost her horn when she let her guard down. Somehow, nobody bothered to check for Rem’s horn. Not only that, these assailants then decided to take both girls back to, uh, I guess Roswaal’s place. Why did they not kill the twins? like they did with the others. Of all the things for this flashback to cover, why does it not address this? The village must have had other children. Either those children were killed as well, or they were taken away much like Ram and Rem. How charitable do you want to be to Re:Zero’s story?

— For a brief moment, Rem was happy that her sister lost her horn. Since then, she’s always worked extra, extra hard to atone for her sins. Well, this is the typical sort of character development that you often see in anime, so whatever. Hey, who’s this?

— Finally, after nine long minutes about a set of twins I don’t give a shit about, we return to the present to see what is going on with… those same set of twins, but this time, we have Subaru!

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 1124

— Rem reveals that she went out on her own, because she had hesitated in trying to save Subaru from those doggos. So like with her sister, she’s trying to atone.

— How does Subaru cheer her up? By saying cheesy shit in the midst of a life-threatening situation. This is why it’s so hard to give a shit about this guy. He’s an idiot. He rarely ever seems to have a single intelligent thought in his head. Everything that comes out of his mouth is what some pathetic anime nerd would like to say if they ever found themselves stuck in some shitty, generic fantasy anime. But of course, that’s the point, isn’t it? He is a self-proclaimed hikikomori. So the show’s entire premise is “what if our hero is, well, me?” And that “me” is the problem. That “me” is a very certain person that the viewer can only understand or relate to if they’re an anime nerd themselves. Meanwhile, the rest of us are just rolling our eyes at this nonsense.

The biggest tragedy, of course, is the death of the other half of the premise. If Re:Zero was only some wish fulfillment slice-of-life fantasy anime, then whatever. I wouldn’t have started watching in the first place. But it also has that time-resetting mechanic that held so much promise at the start of the story. Unfortunately, it has only been used to maximize the amount of times how hero can say stupid anime nerd shit to generic anime girls and their generic anime girl personalities. I love coming across recommendations for this show, by the way. People never mention the boring anime nerd parts. They always go, “Yeah, uh, it’s a time-resetting show, but man, it gets super dark, because the main character dies over and over!” Hilarious.

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 1154

— Anyways, we’re right back to square one… Subaru uses himself as a decoy to allow the twins to get away. I save you, you save me, we all take turns saving each other.

— The formerly cute pupper is no longer cute. This arc has lost the one good thing about it. I like to think the mabeasts held an election to see which of them would get the privilege of looking cute. “Put your faith in me! I’ll lure those stupid children into the forest!”

— Subaru uses his blinding magic in order to stab the ugly pupper in the neck. Well, that was predictable. Still, some crappy sword isn’t going to take down a giant mabeast, so our hero’s about to become dog food

— …when Roswaal finally decides to show up and save the day. First things, first, we’ve having BBQ. The key to Re:Zero is surviving long enough for some stronger male to save your ass. In the first arc, it was some generic fantasy knight. In this arc, it is a Kefka-wannabe mage. I wonder who’s gonna save his ass in the next arc? We’ll find out in the last episode, I’m sure.

— Subaru wakes up the next day (or has he been asleep longer?) to find Rem holding his right hand. Uguu, did I grab your hand? No, I grabbed your hand. How embarrassing!

— The rest of the talk is just a boring peptalk sprinkled liberally with more of the same stupid anime nerd shit that I mentioned above. Think of tomorrow and smile!!!!

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 1143

— And he’s proud of it.

— In a foreboding scene with Roswaal and Ram, we learn that the mabeasts were being controlled by someone else. Not only that, the blue-haired girl who was conspicuously missing from last week’s episode has officially disappeared completely, so she was either the mastermind or an accomplice. I love that, by the way. I love how a little girl can just show up to a village, and arouse nobody’s suspicions. A question nobody asked: “Hey, where are your parent?” Then when she was missing in last week’s episode, nobody — including our hero — questioned it either.

— Roswaal begins to finger Ram’s slit to the girl’s delight. Ew.

— And he’s gonna slay some dragon. Good luck with that.

— Last but not least, Subaru has to have his daily anime nerd shit conversations with Emilia. She is grateful for all that he has done, so she’ll do him a favor! Our hero naturally requests to go on a date with the girl, but he describes it in the most pathetically platonic way possible. Oh, I’m just gonna show you around and shit! Dude, just come out and say it: “I want to spend time with you.” I know it’s implied in the whole “let’s go on a date” part, but then again, it really isn’t. If you’re crushing on a girl, there’s a big difference between, “Hey, I have some cool things I want to show you,” and, “I want to spend time with you.” There is. Go ahead. Test it yourself. Don’t blame me if anything goes wrong.

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 1152

— And with that, the arc comes to a close. Praise the sun!

26 thoughts on “Re:Zero Ep. 11: No animals were harmed in the making of this anime

  1. Boosted Monkey


    If only I could be so disgustingly phosphorescent about how this arc ends. But what’s there to be happy about? You said the next arc is going to be longer! That just means 5 more characters who are just as useless as the maids with the males being practically non-existant to the plot so I guess that cuts the numbers a bit.

    1. elior1

      actually 2 of the characters in the next arc wont be useless. also it will be amusing to see what exactly in arc 3 made the LN readers drop the LN in the first chapter of the arc

  2. ioncarryon

    “One day, the Ku Klux Klan some unknown group came and slaughtered the entire village.”
    PFF you know what? The KKK IS atrocious but there’s far more actively hostile racial supremacist hate groups out there today, like even just the New Black Panthers and all their “kill white babies” hate-mongering!
    Why does everything need to be compared either the Hitler or KKK? Seriously?

    *clicks link*

    Oh no yeah that’s the KKK.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Why does everything need to be compared either the Hitler or KKK? Seriously?

      Because they actually managed to carry out most of the horrible shit that they wanted to do.

  3. Thatoneguywhoreallylikespotatoes

    First this going to be a long comment so sorry in advance

    1)This show is what I call the web novel/light novel syndrome where as in a novel you would appreciate it more how it is slowly giving info dumps little by little in an anime or manga might come as really annoying and boring and that in the anime they have to spend more time and more episodes which anime-only viewers will find really tedious and if they don’t do this then they it will make it so it doesn’t make sense due to butchering it and make anime only viewers say why? as it would advance too quickly and not explain anything
    This has happened to some very good light novels which is sad to somebody who read the light novels an example of this is the Hai to Gensou Grimgar anime which was a really bad light novel adaptation where as the original light novel was really good as it broke the trope where getting trapped in a RPG world was good and how the MC would be OP however in the anime it would seem like the plot didn’t move at all due to how slow the anime had to be in order to not lose the essence of the story and due to this it came as a boring show but if it was faster people would appreciate it and at the same time hate it because it makes you less attached to the characters, may go too quickly to understand,etc.

    2)In the Kissanime comments there is this guy called Mitrospeed who read the original work and comments you should go see it and it maybe may make you change your opinion a little bit on this show ,it might take effort as each of those are long but please do read them

    3) If you really can’t stand how it takes too long go check spoilers and don’t torture yourself like this

    4)With this episode we finally end what is the prologue of Re:zero and go,to its real story also on the next arc Subaru is going to suffer more

    1. sonicsenryaku

      see, i understand the whole web/light novel syndrome thing, but i dont always buy that as an excuse as to why an adaptation didnt “translate right” across a medium. People were saying that about sword art online and after checking that out, the source material was just as mediocre. I think where this syndrome affects a person’s opinion of the material lies in the medium itself. When we read things, it’s left to our imagination how the actions of the story play out. Your average reader is probably not analyzing writing structure or thematic cohesion when reading. They’re most likely evaluating the literature from the raw emotion they feel from reading it so flaws in the storytelling or characters are less noticeable. It’s not until it gets translated to another medium that maybe those flaws become more apparent; it doesn’t change the fact that those flaws have always existed. The issue with re: zero isnt just the exposition dumps, although that does pose a problem (and depending on who you are, your tolerance for this kind of exposition may not be as large), but by how it approaches its concepts, characters and story points. They are not creative or particularly engaging; there doesnt seem to be any talent in the way the original author weaves this story. There’s no demonstration of skill in the execution department. This is all “”….it’s not insultingly bad or even bad for that matter…it’s just…….ok.

      1. Thatoneguywhoreallylikespotatoes

        I wrote a reply to your comment below so that you can read it sorry I didn’t reply it directly as I accidentally forgot to write it to your comment by clicking reply

  4. elior1

    now lets see how bad the third arc that made most of the readers drop the LN in it first chapter of the third arc.

    1. Tim12

      Didn’t people drop it because they couldn’t take how dark it was? I don’t remember hearing about people dropping it due to quality of writing.

  5. Thatoneguywhoreallylikespotatoes

    I agree with most of what you are saying of how the syndrome is often used as a defense of people who read the original source and that errors of the work itself may come to light when it is shown in a new medium. I also understand that a show has to actually stand by itself and should be judged by itself. However, this is sometimes really hard to do when you are somebody who has read/watched the original work due to having either strong feelings to the original and not wanting to accept the adaptation or because you want people to see it is better and that the anime was a mistake however at the same time these one can also come from you wanting people to appreciate it.
    Then again while some errors due to come to light some errors come from the anime itself which is why making a good adaptation can be really hard for various reasons
    1)Pacing, the most common error people have when adapting to an anime whereas a manga or book the time you spend can depend you on anime you have episodes which give you a limited amount of time on which in contrast to novels or manga where the world building is really important to have, in anime you have to advance and depending on how many episodes you have and so you spend less times on details which can cause various problems such as having no time to get attached to the characters, thins going too fast for you to understand, not knowing why characters did certain things(such as Re:Zero as it does make sense why Sibaru does fall in love) , characters losing important details that characterize them and make them different from typical tropes,not having a second season which more things are explained because most light novel anime adaptation are often not done that seriously having problems as most of them are just to advertise the light novel and manga which are more popular than anime in Japan
    2)Original content, I mean this is the most common problem and I mean things like fillers or making shots really long (I’m looking at you Big Three animes ;Naruto , Bleach and One Piece) can also be reasons why people dislike it or it can also be things like anime having much more fan service than the original work did which makes you think that work is generic while it isn’t that much or it having been too much comedy-centered (I’m looking at you Bungou Stray Dogs anime) . Even if I say this there is original content from the anime which people sometimes really like an example is Full Metal Alchemist(2003)
    However in the end these is really subjective so it can be different to each person

    Also you also should read Mitrospeed’s comments on the Kissanime section they might also make you change your opinion on the work

    1. elior1

      i also agree with you about this and by the LN spoilers about the third arc i wished the show was ending in this episode

    2. sonicsenryaku

      in short, re;zero should have “adapted” to the fact that it was making the transition into anime form and presented it’s story better; but again, that also stems from the flaws of the original source. Ill try to check out the original material if i can out of curiousity

      1. Thatoneguywhoreallylikespotatoes

        Let’s just say re:zero has the problem of being adapted and losing many details on the deaths as this is an anime in that case the manga adaptation works better as in there is a lot less censuring
        And that what makes re:zero different from others is how intense and grim it gets later on

        If you don’t want to wait I could share you a spoiler of the whole arc 3 which is detailed if you don’t mind, just tell me if you want to

        1. elior1

          i have a question for you about arc 3 because it make me wonder for while. how much dark and grim are the death scenes in the light novel which they adapt faithfully in arc 3 that made some of the readers drop it right after the first chapter since it so dark

      2. Hehjshah

        You got to give the director a thumbs up though for managing the tone smoothly (unlike Your Lie in April).

    1. elior1

      you right it will take the rest of the season. i not LN reader but from what i seen in the spoilers i wish the show ended in this episode since the next arc will be grim as hell

      1. Tim12

        I don’t mind the grim stuff. All I care is if the writing and the directing of the next arc is good or not.

        1. elior1

          most of the times grim stuff not made pepole drop manga or LN right after the first chapter of arc so i wonder how much it grim that made large number of pepole drop it. also the next arc will be focused on subaro and rem so i also wondering if it will have good writing or not since i dont like subaro character so far

      2. Tim12

        Well, it can’t be as bad as we have seen now. The MC was named after a car (parents probably hated his ass), got sent to a world where a crazy psychopath and the KKK exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if Subaru gets attacked by PETA for killing dogs. Finally, a clown scored a girl, while Subaru just got a date. Things are already grim for Subaru WRX.

  6. stth

    “The biggest tragedy, of course, is the death of the other half of the premise. If Re:Zero was only some wish fulfillment slice-of-life fantasy anime, then whatever. I wouldn’t have started watching in the first place. But it also has that time-resetting mechanic that held so much promise at the start of the story. Unfortunately, it has only been used to maximize the amount of times how hero can say stupid anime nerd shit to generic anime girls and their generic anime girl personalities.”

    Yeah, this could describe my experience with most animes I’ve watched. Anime: where good premises go to die in a sea of mediocrity and cuteness.

    1. Anon

      He stopped writing at the episode where this lackluster series finally got good. The second half was pretty cool, mainly thanks to the maid.


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