Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san Ep. 1: Scarfing

I probably won’t watch another episode of this series, but I feel like updating, so bear with me. So what’s this show about? Well…

Koizumi: Scarfing! Scarfing, Yuu, my dear. Scarfed empty. Here, if you have ramen, and I have a ramen, and I have chopsticks. There they are, those are chopsticks, you see? Watch them. Now, my chopsticks reach acroooooooss the table and starts to grab your ramen. I… scarf… your… ramen.

[sucking sound]

Yuu: Don’t bully me, Koizumi-san!

Man, what a show!

In all seriousness, Koizumi-san has an obsession with ramen, and Yuu has an obsession with her. In the process, Yuu (and the audience) learns a thing or two about ramen. Not much else to say about the premise…

Notes & observations:

— I like ramen too, but I wouldn’t kill for it. Then again, I once stood outside in the cold for two hours just to get a bowl of ramen. Such is the hipster life in San Francisco.

— I really have no idea what to expect from this show, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m just killing some time. Unless this episode blows me away, this is probably the last you’ll hear of Koizumi-san.

— Why is there a breeze in the middle of the classroom and why is it only affecting two people?

— Honestly, I didn’t expect this to be a full length episode. 23 minutes about anime for three whole months? Christ. I can think of a few shorts that should’ve gotten full-length episodes.

— Even in a ramen-loving anime, there has to be a transfer student. And of course, she’s transcendently beautiful. Is it healthy to eat ramen more than once a week? All that sodium can’t be good for you, right? Hmmm….

— Is… is Yuu a boy or a girl? Oh nevermind, she’s wearing a skirt. I guess this is going to be one of those girls-only shows.

— “I’d like some, but I don’t know about a girl going out for ramen by herself.” Uh, why? Is this a Japanese thing? Because nobody feels that way here.

— So does Koizumi have a first name? And you don’t eat ramen in groups? What? Again, is this a Japanese thing? But in the Persona games, people get ramen in groups all the time. Has Persona been lying to me?!

— Koizumi is clearly not interested, but Yuu can’t take a hint. People like her are insufferable. But as the show continues, people will just argue that Koizumi really wants friends, but she’s just too shy or embarrassed to admit it or something.

— Those bean sprouts look weird. I’m not a fan of them in my ramen either.

— When she puts her hair into a ponytail, that’s when you know she means business.

— 800 yen is like what? Seven or eight bucks? I’m lucky to get half a sandwich for that much money in San Francisco. The shitty rice bowl I had for lunch today was $13 alone, $2 more for avocado. I’m never going to afford a house at this rate.

— Koizumi really isn’t interested in talking, but I assume Yuu and her buddies will wear down that wall over the course of the series. And that sounds kinda irritating to me as an introvert myself.

— “We ate ramen together, but she’s still so cold to me.” I sometimes stand next to coworkers when I take a piss at work. I guess we’re BFFs now.

— What the hell is horse oil? Can’t be this

— Oh nevermind, it’s supposed to be mayuu. Whoops.

— The school cafeterias that I’ve been to could hardly get a burger right. I dread to think how they’d tackle ramen. In college, the dining commons would try to tackle curry. Those were an affront to Indian cuisine.

— I actually wouldn’t mind listening to more of Koizumi’s ramen facts. I am admittedly not even close to being an expert on ramen. Not only are there hundreds of varieties in Japan, only a few make their way here. On the plus side, we’ll never have to bother with weird ass concoctions like sweet red bean ramen topped with whipped cream. But on the other hand, I’ll never truly be able to experience the true variety that ramen has to offer. So a show about ramen isn’t inherently boring to me. It’s just too bad we this isn’t more of a documentary. Rather, it’s some slice-of-lifey, let’s-be-friends bullshit, so while Koizumi is going on and on about her passion, we have to hear Yuu cooing over her.

— The noises Koizumi makes when eating ramen is a bit much, though.

— The next day, Yuu tries to talk to Koizumi-san again, but the former continues to get the cold shoulder. Surprisingly enough, the reason I don’t want to watch another episode isn’t because the show is boring. It’s because Yuu is too annoying.

In other news, I was also going to write about Yuru Camp, but… well, I’ll let my notes do the talking for me:

— The opening riff makes me think of The Jackson 5.

— Oh lordy, the OP makes this look hella boring.

–Okay, I’m now ten minutes into the show and I haven’t jotted anything else down. I’m tapping out.

7 thoughts on “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san Ep. 1: Scarfing

  1. Advaris

    This ramen animu and that camping animu is one of those “I don’t have any idea or don’t know how to write a good story, so I’ll just take one of those mundane things or hobbies and make cute girls do it” animu. Add some lesbian undertones for that extra ooomph! And you just got a new animu!

    This shit isn’t going away anywhere soon, huh? I don’t watch those two animu. I only watch that “Let’s go to Antarctica” animu because the premise isn’t as mundane as others of its ilk, but it do it in a way that’s so mundane, so it’s moot.

    I’d rather watch one of those shows in those food or travel channels than these animu. I mean the delivery on those facts by these animu like the ramen facts on this ramen animu is bad and uninteresting. It’s just like listening to someone reading a wikipedia article. All the animu shoujo, cute shoujo voices and “friendship” aren’t adding anything worthwhile to make up for that.

  2. Instead of watching boring yuri moeshit, why don’t you cover Devilman Crybaby? Even if you don’t want to pay Netflix, you can get a free trial.

  3. ndqanhvn

    America seems crazily expensive. I lived in Kyoto and you could get pretty cheap ramen around 700 yen. Or even cheaper if you don’t mind to stand while eating.


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