Garo – Vanishing Line Ep. 17: It started off so good, too

Almost Mad Max-esque, isn’t it? And that ain’t a bad thing. Mad Max: Fury Road was a hell of a movie. The best part is that the first half is practically all action with little to no dialogue.

And that just means I don’t have to say much. If I have to criticize anything, the frame rate during Sword’s frenetic battle against the battalion of Horrors is a little on the janky side. The hardest part is trying to get a decent screenshot, because there’s so much blurring going on.

I wish Bishop was a cool character. He’s just kinda annoying, so it’s not even fun to see Gina shoot one of his illusions. Y’know, he’s just one of those “I’m a mastermind” assholes who cackles and acts all smug, ’cause he thinks he’s always two steps ahead of his opponents. It’s a bit tiring.

Anyways, even Sophie gets to join in on the action.

And when it looks like things are about to turn south for our heroes…

…Luke shows up just in the nick of time. I think the best part is the soundtrack. Oh, it’s not because I like heavy metal. I don’t. I really, really don’t. I think the cheesy power riffs, however, really heighten the campiness of the action. We pan up to Luke, and he’s looking super, super serious. We even zoom in closer just to see how fucking serious he is. Ugh, so goddamn serious, dude! And this the band is just rocking away… it’s hilarious.

Then he goes to town on an entire fleet of flying enemies with his magical sniper rifle.

And of course, we can’t leave without a little gunkata. Gina’s just all, “Oh, I bet he went to a really good training ground.”

Eventually, the episode does slow down in order for Sophie to have a share a tender moment with the one good guy character that we barely know: Zaruba. He’s hardly had much of a presence in this entire series, and even now, his contributions are a little flaccid. Sophie breaks down into tears, because she feels useless. She can’t contribute to the team battles, and people constantly have to put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect her. So what does Zaruba tell her?

Yeah, I really, really don’t agree with that. He also tells her to never stop moving, because they fight for her freedom or whatever. It’s not a bad sentiment, but it’s just a really generic and boring one.

And now… we get to the part where the episode just loses all sense of pacing. Zaruba tries to carry Sophie away from the Dark Knight, but they’re cornered. So what does he do? He decides to ram himself into the enemy to buy them enough time for Sword, Gina, and Luke to catch up.

Welp, there goes Zaruba. We hardly knew ye… It’s hard to feel sad about a character who never really contributed anything. I felt nothing. I really just kinda went, “Um, okay…?” His exit from the story just didn’t feel organic.

Then as soon as Zaruba bites it, the rest of the good guys show up! Like literally right away. Debris is still raining from the sky when Gina embraces Sophie!

Plus, what happened to this thing? We never even get to see them fight this thing! It looked like it would’ve been a pretty damn cool fight! It’s like MAPPA just flat out ran out of time.

Then of course, the Dark Knight is not dead. As a result, he and Sword need to clash once more. Unfortunately, there’s less than five minutes left in the episode, so we just get really half-assed fight scene. Sword absorbs Zaruba and becomes stronger than ever. So like before, Dark Knight just goes, “Bwahahahaha, you are awesome. I like fighting you!” Then he goes poof and disappears into thin air. Lame. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Ah well. What now? We gonna hoof it the rest of the way?

2 Replies to “Garo – Vanishing Line Ep. 17: It started off so good, too”

  1. Wow, my decision to marathon the second cour of the show until this episode paid off! It’s pretty dope and fun!

    Technically, Zaruba can’t die. He can be reforged but he won’t remember most of the things from before he was reforged. So yeah, this version of Zaruba is gone (probably until the epilogue or the next series).

    Dark Knight is a comedy gold and he didn’t even realized it, haha!

    Also, I’m okay with the episode skipping the three Makai warriors fighting giant worms. They’re just enormous worms. I’d rather have Garo’s battle with the monster trucks animated than the giant worms.

  2. So, after a shitload of episodes wasted for character introduction, establishing the setting, side characters that we’ll never see again after one (or a few) episodes until the ending or epilogue maybe, filler stuff, and so on, this anime is going to rush itself all the way to the end? Fuck this anime.

    Nostalgia, my ass. The previous Garo is much better than this shit. And I’m sure that this shit receives more funding and production value than the previous Garo. Not to mention I actually kinda prefer the character design of this Garo in general over the previous Garo. What a shame.

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