Gakuen Babysitters Ep. 7: Love never changes and creepy twins

Is it time for us to finally get to know Yuki a little better? Looks like it. Though to be fair, Ryuichi does seem like an amazing guy on paper. In real life, I’d find him too unrealistic. But in anime fantasy land, he’s perfection. He doesn’t get the best grades, but eh…

Whoa, whoa, whoa… best looks? I was just talking about his personality. The girls then go on to list his positive qualities… like how he picked up one of their erasers when they dropped it. You might scoff, but didn’t Mio fall in love with Haruto in Just Because! for exactly that dumb reason? So there you go. Just hover around the girl of your dreams and hope that she drops her eraser.

Sadly, the other “hot” guy in their class is apparently the violent Hayato. C’mon, he beats little kids!

Y’all need Jesus.

The girls tell Yuki that they won’t really be her rivals… it’s not because they won’t go after him themselves. It’s only because they all acknowledge that they can’t compete against a baby. That’s… that’s true. That’s why it’s tough to date single parents. No matter what, their kid will and should always be number one in their lives. I personally prefer to avoid that whole situation altogether.

They then start talking about Maria, and you get the same usual reaction from the girl. Yawn. We see her later turning bright red when she just can’t help thinking about Ryuichi. Again, yawn. Nothing new here. Nothing new about to happen here either. Wake me up when any of these kids actually start dating (which is never). Otherwise, it’s the same, ol’ coy nonsense that we see in every anime series.

Eh, you’d be naive to think looks don’t matter. I’m not saying it’s the only thing that matters, but it matters a great ton and people should stop deluding themselves into thinking otherwise. We have industries worth billions of dollars that are devoted to beauty. It’s just a fact of life.

Anyways, Yoshihito once again allows kids to leave the daycare room, and the worse part is that he didn’t even notice it this time. Not like he’ll ever get fired, though. It would cost more money to hire someone competent. And surprisingly, these two kids went looking for Maria specifically. In fact, they ask her why she never comes around anymore. She tries to say that it’s because of Ryuichi, but the kids don’t really understand that, so…

But these kids are too smart for their own good, so they’re going to try and show Maria all of Ryuichi’s good points as if she doesn’t already know them.

I guess this is good quality number one. But Maria counters that he can be a bit over-indulgent. Oh, we’re doing pros and cons? I might not find this so boring, after all.


Naturally, our hero can’t be seen hitting children, so Hayato steps up to the plate.

I notice, however, that we’re almost halfway through the episode, so it’s about time to wrap up this short story. As a result, Maria tells the little girl to stop the charade. After all, she doesn’t actually dislike Ryuichi. But if she doesn’t dislike him, then the only other possibility is that she does like him. And so we get that romantic trope where the girl storms away from the hero and tells him to leave her alone, but he’ll go chasing after her anyway. Buuuuuuuuuut — and this is a big but(t) — this is anime, so he only went after her to let her know that she has a sticker on her butt.

Yep. And this is because Gakuen Babysitters doesn’t have an actual story to tell. The anime doesn’t have a single character arc. The characters will make small changes, sure. Like Hayato joining the club, or Maria being able to talk to the kids. But real, actual character development? Go watch Aishiteruze Baby instead. God forbid Ryuichi acts like an actual teenager and actually develop feelings for anyone. Onto the second story!

One half of the twins is sick.

So the healthy one tries to cope by having Kotaro replace his brother, and this only ends up making Taka jealous. Eh… if this story doesn’t quickly become interesting, I’m going to bail and start writing up Kokkoku instead.

When Taka then decides to go beat up the cold so that the twins can be whole again. Okay, this is boring. To make a short story even shorter: the happy-go-lucky twin ends up missing his brother after all. Since the second half of the episode is so twins-centric, there’s not much to say. I try to avoid talking too much about the little kids, because they’re just there to be cute. They don’t actually have interesting personalities or motives. And even if they make a mistake, it’s not like they know better. So yep, time to move onto the next anime of the day.

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