Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 3: Deeper into the snake pit

What crazy situations are our magical girls getting themselves into now? 

— Nijimi, the girl that we had seen at the end of last week’s episode, is in fact an idol. In fact, her group takes after dogs. This is gross, and this is even grosser. In any case, we’re also being introduced to one of her fanatical followers. Naoto is your typical shut-in, but he’s also short on his rent. How this guy will figure into the bigger picture, however, is currently unknown.

— Anyways, Rina has since collapsed since last week’s ordeal. Since repeated use of your own magic stick will deplete your life force, it stands to reason that repeated use of multiple magic sticks will quicken your demise. As a result, the girl is now unconscious in the hospital, and according to the doctor, she has the organs of an elderly woman. Y’know, your skin is an organ too… isn’t it convenient that she still looks perfectly beautiful on the outside?

— Aya can’t help but lament the fact that she’s been chosen to be a mahou shoujo. After all, what good is a magic stick if it slowly kills you? Actually, I’d say it’s very good. Had she not had her gun, she would’ve been raped. You just have to use it only when you absolutely need to.

— Aya tries to ask about Tsuyuno’s past, but the girl is not forthcoming. Still, we get to see it, and so far, it appears that her parents had been brutally murdered. Just to add extra oomph to the cruelty, her mother was even pregnant when she was killed. But what happened after that is anybody’s guess. Knowing this anime, it’s probably rape and/or torture.

— The girls want to revive Rina, because they want to know more about this Tempest dealio that will supposedly bring about the end of the world. But gosh, how can they save a girl whose organs are about to fail? Ah, maybe someone has a stick that can revive the girl!

— So they look through Rina’s notebook on people to kill, and it’s full of people that they don’t recognize. But how did Rina even know how to target? Is there a mahou shoujo locator app or something? Or maybe someone is feeding her information on who to kill. Either way… the only recognizable face in the notebook is, of course, our dog idol Nijimi.

— Ah, generic scenes of a crappy idol concert. I definitely needed this.

— Afterwards, there’s a meet-and-greet with the idols, and that crazy fan from the start of the episode is in attendance. Unfortunately for him, Aya and Tsuyuno get to Nijimi first. With their powers combined, they manage to teleport the girl out of the venue. They proceed to introduce themselves as mahou shoujos, but the idol isn’t even fazed. She’s plum happy to see them. That’s fishy.

— Unfortunately, Nijimi’s handlers eventually locate her, so the rest of the conversation cannot continue. Nevertheless, Aya and Tsuyuno are invited to Nijimi’s apartment later that night.

— When our girls go to see the idol, they find that she’s being attended to day and night by a bunch of otaku slaves. Oh, so she has the power to control others. That’s quite dangerous, isn’t it? You kinda almost want to bail, ’cause you’d never know when the girl might try to enslave you.

— Nijimi starts taking off her shorts, because her stick isn’t very conventional at all. Granted, no one’s stick has been conventional. Aya has a gun, and Tsuyuno has a phone app. Nevertheless, Nijimi’s stick is actually a pair of panties. And with it, she can force others into obeying her… even people who wouldn’t otherwise care about the girl.

— Tsuyuno wonders, however, how Nijimi has been concealing the use of her stick. After all, don’t these girls bleed whenever they use their magical powers? Ahh, Nijimi does bleed. Just use your imagination.

— Still, this episode isn’t as crazy as it sounds. If you watch it, you might yourself as bored as I am. When you watch something as violent and cruel as Mahou Shoujo Site, you eventually become desensitized to the violence and cruelty. All the blood becomes old hat. Even Kaname’s psychotic abusive behavior towards Aya becomes old hat. Without a good story, unless the show continues to escalate its trashiness, it just becomes boring. And while the panties reveal is a bit of an eyebrow raiser, it really isn’t all that crazy. So she can control people with her panties. Big whoop.

— Anyways, Aya and Tsuyuno aren’t the first mahou shoujos to enter Nijimi’s life. Her former best friend was a mahou shoujo too. Unfortunately, her life was cut short by none other than Rina. As a result, Nijimi hates Rina more than anyone. She really, really hates Rina. Oh dear.

— Our girls decide to keep their information about Rina to themselves, but you can already kinda predict what’s going to happen. Nijimi will undoubtedly find out that they’ve been protecting Rina and flip her shit. It’s just a matter of when.

— As the girls get ready to leave, Nijimi compels them to share their contact info. They should thank their lucky stars that they got away from the girl in the first place. Being enslaved is no joke. Just watch that other trashy show of the season.

— Back at the hospital, we learn that Sarina is still alive. Y’know Sarina, right? Remember those girls that bullied Aya? Sarina’s the ringleader, and she’s out for revenge. And she just happens to be standing around the corner when Aya and Tsuyuno loudly discuss their tentative plans to locate another mahou shoujo (since it doesn’t appear that Nijimi can help them).

— Piqued with curiosity, Sarina decides to enter the room that the girls had just left. In it, she finds that creepy girl from the website. Welp, looks like the bully is going to become a mahou shoujo too.

— And elsewhere, we see Kaname going through his sister’s browser history, but it’s not as if he can do anything with the site.

— As Aya and Tsuyuno leave the hospital grounds, the former expresses happiness at the fact that she now has a friend. That’s true. She’s no longer lonely. Still, any sort of happiness is short-lived in this sort of story, because both girls have just gotten themselves into a bigger mess. Not only is Sarina up and about, Nijimi is a ticking time bomb, and Kaname’s not going to give up on Aya that easily. Plus, what was even the point of Naoto, that crazy Nijimi fan? He has to have a role to play since he took up way too much time in this episode just to be a nobody.

— Wut.

2 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Site Ep. 3: Deeper into the snake pit

  1. Tahu10

    Agreed wholeheartedly in this post. Storywise is not as worst as the first one, but this so called ‘horror’ anime is very boring

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