Caligula Ep. 10: Now we get everybody’s backstory?

At week 10? All of this information would’ve been useful weeks ago! All of this information should’ve been spread across multiple episodes as well! This is so ridiculous.

— Anyways, the Go-Home Club are still trapped in the room. Kotaro takes a chair to the door, but it looks like the place has been magically sealed.

— Since banging on the door won’t work, they start getting on each other’s case. Kotaru especially has it out for Kensuke. After all, the guy is the newest member of the group. Not only that, he used to be a Musician. The problem, however, is that we don’t really know any of these characters. We also don’t know how much time they’ve spent together. I think that’s what the hot pot episode was supposed to accomplish. It was supposed to make us think that these kids had become friends, but eh, one episode out of many just can’t do the trick. Out of the entire group, only Mifue and Naruko seem like genuine friends outside of the club.

— Oh yeah, Shogo just has his head down this entire time.

— To make matters worse, the room is bugged and Thorn can hear every word that is uttered. I know having a club at school is popular and all, but didn’t they ever think that maybe hanging out at school might not be so safe? Then again, the entirety of Mobius is created by Mu, so you’re probably not safe anywhere.

— Eventually, Marie shows up, but she can’t open the door from the outside later. She quickly dashes off to look for Ritsu, ’cause maybe the president can do something about it. God only knows where the guy is, though. The Go-Home Club reluctantly considers the fact that the pretentious hero may have betrayed them all.

— Kotono counters, however, that nobody should really trust anybody. After all, they’re only here because they suck in the real world. Can you trust shitty people? If you think about it, that comes off super harsh, doesn’t it?

— Outta nowhere, Shogo starts freaking out, so Kensuke finally convinces to group to do what they should’ve done right from the start: reveal their pasts to each other. I can’t believe it took this long for them to do so. In fact, I had assumed that they already did open up to each other, and the adaptation was just going to gloss over their backstories. But nope, while we’re trapped in his shitty room, we’re going to listen to each member of the Go-Home Club spill their guts to us one-by-one.

— Why bother with this screen?

— So what’s Shogo’s deal? He was a loner who had no friends until he met another kindred soul. Along with her, they hated on the world and everyone around them. Eventually, she wanted to commit a double suicide with him, but he chickened out at the last second. She went through with the suicide anyways, and he blames himself for not being there for her. So… the girl is dead, right? Then there’s no way Thorn could be that girl, right? Unless she survived the fall somehow…

— Oh yeah, Shogo is 30. Kotaro then inadvertently reveals that he’s only 15. That would explain why he’s so childish. His story is kinda childish, too. His dad is a super tall and big man who rescues people. Unfortunately, his parents eventually die in an accident. Kotaro is a scrawny kid who always wanted to be like his dad… so yeah, that’s that.

— As for Kensuke, it’s the weakest story yet! He wanted to be a musician, but he has no real talent. But in Mobius, he has no problems writing music! Unfortunately, he still feels empty. That’s it? That’s it? The kid argues, however, that everyone’s hell is different. Sure, I’m not saying that people with first world problems can’t be depressed, but c’mon, this is still pathetic.

— Mifue is up next, and we kinda already got the gist of her story. She was ashamed of her fat mom in real life, so she developed an eating disorder and nearly died. I don’t think we really need to get into this with too much detail.

— Naruko got trolled in real life, so she trolled them back. But alas, being an internet troll is an empty, meaningless existence, so here she is…

— Again, we already know what Suzuna’s story is all about: lonely girl is lonely.

— Likewise with Izuru. The only added detail is that he has a helicopter mom who didn’t let him be himself, so he carved his face with a broken shard of mirror just to give himself a sense of identity.

— Last but not least, we have Kotono. But again, like Mifue, she got an entire episode devoted to her, though. The story realizes this as well, so before she can tell her friends about herself, the door suddenly opens with Marie standing before them. Oh hey, they’re saved.

— Haha, yeah, their stories made my skin crawl too. Maybe Marie’s not so bad!

— Hey, wait a minute, what’s with the grenade?

— But it’s Caligula, so explosions don’t do any damage. We saw last week that these kids could survive one, so why wouldn’t they survive this? Marie even tossed the grenade dead center in the room, but these kids are fine. There’s just a lot of smoke. It’s stupid, but it is what it is!

— But somehow, Marie’s outfit is in tatters. Or they just wanted to rip her pantyhose to give her a sexy look.

— In any case, I guess she’s the crazy girl we had seen in last week’s episode. She’s Wicked. I wonder if she got Thorn’s approval to open the door to the club. After all, Marie had gotten impatient in last week’s episode and ended up causing Shadow Knife’s death. Maybe she disobeyed orders again. But enough about that, ’cause where’s Ritsu?

— He’s just sleeping on the couch?!

— I still don’t think Ritsu has betrayed his friends. I think he just has his own things to do. Of course, we don’t know what he’s doing, because this adaptation blows ass, but next week’s episode will probably tell us what he’s been up to. Maybe. Hopefully. God, at least we’re near the end.

— I’m still crossing my fingers for news that they’ll localize Caligula Overdose.

1 thought on “Caligula Ep. 10: Now we get everybody’s backstory?

  1. ashenwan

    I’m so sorry you have to suffer this terrible garbage, man. But hey, at least it makes for a funny post.

    Okay, so real quick just to clarify since I’m an impossibly huge dork:
    – Shogo’s location is vague but it’s implied that he actually went with the girl to the top of the construction building and right when she was ready to jump he got cold feet. She jumped without him and he SAW it, leading to the intense horror and guilt which crippled him for decades.
    – Izuru is actually either autistic or has some kind of psychopathy where emotions are difficult for him and interpersonal communication is also difficult. His mother is a rich renown musician and wanted him to succeed her. It’s never explicitly stated but it’s likely that his mother put his life on rails both out of selfish ambition and because he was so…different. Eventually it’s as you said, he became so frustrated living a life where every meal and moment was planned out for him that he scarred his face in an act of rebellion and to – quite literally – carve his own identity.
    – Mifue was bullied cause her mom was sweet but obese (she was a good cook). It got real bad, so bad she blamed her mom for being fat, which led to her mother being depressed and her father getting into arguments with her mother because of Mifue. This led to a bickering and terrible house and chronically down mom.
    – Kotaro was ritually neglected and abused by his dead parents’ relatives (think Futaba from Persona 5) and their son, his cousin, bullied him a lot. He was legitimately malnourished as well. He lived in a house that hated his existence and viewed him as a burden.
    – Kensuke is a whiny baby. Weakest character in the whole game. Might as well have not even existed.
    – Kotono has some real world issues that probably resonates most with our generation of teens, honestly. They’re probably waiting to reveal that, though.
    – Naruko’s bullying was worse than it probably mentioned but not as bad as Kotaro or Mifue
    – I forget why Suzuna became a severe shut-in but I think it was something about how she was socially retarded and couldn’t get relate to anyone after her initial group of friends outgrew her and moved on. She’s a female otaku and it’s implied she’s a borderline hikki at that but at one point she was outgoing enough to even sing karaoke with those friends I mentioned – hence why she can yell so loud it breaks the eardrums (I don’t know how that relates but that’s the explanation in the game, it’s a minor gag).

    This scene is entirely different. Naruko was not there but was absent and was sending the team mocking messages about how she was a musician all along. The Protag was in there as well and everyone had already had time to get to know one another by then. Naruko was shown being sketchy and taking pictures on her phone early in the game to hint that she might not be up to snuff so the betrayal seems plausible, but it turns out she was kidnapped and her phone was being used by Wicked, who actually orchestrated the trap.

    Her plan was to bring everyone to starvation and “save the day” with a bunch of food – doped with sleeping drugs. Everyone eats but the protag doesn’t, you the player making note that this girl who was supposed to only be a friend of Naruko (she leans in on “Oh no, Naruko betrayed you?? How could that be??” lines) somehow knew you were the leader of the Go-Home club.
    Everyone passes out, Shogo grunting at his mistake in not noticing sooner, and YOU the player see Wicked tranform into her real Musician mode (her character design implies she is actually either a POW or Merc in real life, so her fighting to maintain this peaceful cycle in Mobius makes sense).

    This triggers one of the coolest moments in the entire game where the player has to fight a boss enemy solo for the first time. Her song has a J-Rock feel with a bit of dissonance to it’s first half (which is the half that plays during the fight) and further emphasizes how mental she is. Once you defeat her you help your team up with Aria’s help and run off to rescue Naruko from Wicked.

    In the adaptation Wicked is just a crazy grenade tossing moron and the protag needed a lay down for nappy time. I hate this thing so much…


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