Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Ep. 16: Cooking for jerks

Yes, please do. 

— Poor ol’ Aoi has been forced to cook delicious meals for Matsuba. But for some odd reason, the staff at Orio-ya refuse to give her quality ingredients to please their super important clients. I feel like everyone’s just dumb in this anime. We hate you! But we need you! But we still hate you so nyah!

— Luckily, someone keeps bringing her crates after crates of fresh food stuffs. Hmm…

Cutscene graphics vs gameplay graphics.

— Back at Tenjin-ya, all of her friends miss her terribly. Even the tsuntsun spiderbro.

— But the good news is that they’re keeping Moonflower in tip top shape in case Aoi ever comes back.

— “No, I’m more tsuntsun!” – Oryo, probably

— The bad news? They’re so worried about Moonflower that they’ve started to kinda neglect the actual inn that the restaurant is attached to. Byakuya ends up having to tell them to get back to work.

— Something else that’s stupid: the staff at Orio-ya also balks when Aoi crawls back into her cushy prison to sleep. That’s where they stuck her in the first place, but now that she’s escaped, I guess they want her to sleep in the rundown kitchen. These guys are such idiots.

— Like what if something happened to her? What if she got sick because she had to sleep in a dilapidated building? Then who would cook for Matsuba?

— When Aoi asks them for better ingredients, they tell her not to bother them. Go ask Ginji, this guy says! But where’s Ginji, Aoi wonders! Fuck Ginji too, he says! Oh my gooooooooood…

— Wat.

— The staff also continues to bully our heroine by resorting to childish pranks. Y’know, like banana peels all over the place. Or vandalizing a sign so she won’t be able to get to the kitchen and cook her meals. And who can forget the classic “bucket filled with water” prank?

— Again, I’m exasperated by this show’s writing, because the characters just make no sense. They need her to appease Matsuba, but they’re doing almost everything in their power to make her life hell. Well? Do you want her help or not? Make up your damn minds!

— Aoi’s only bit of solace is her mysterious benefactor who keeps bringing her ingredients to cook with. Well, he’s about to get a lot less mysterious real soon.

— Hmm, yes, I wonder who this could be. Obviously, it’s Odanna. And since he isn’t wearing a white mask, Aoi doesn’t really give it a second thought. In fact, she has her other doubts.

— You’ll notice that Odanna’s horns are missing. Since he often crosses over into the human world, he has learned to disguise his ogre-ness at will. Too bad he still looks odd as a human.

— The show’s animation is just… yeah, it’s just starting to fall apart now. Look at this amazing scene. Just marvel at the fact that something like this could come out in 2018.

— So what is Odanna doing here? To make sure his future wife is safe, of course! He could also bring her back to Tenjin-ya, but y’know… she won’t leave without her precious Ginji. She absolutely refuses to acknowledge that the fox dude chose to leave in the first place. Hell, she doesn’t even understand why Orio-ya needs him so badly. Well, let Odanna explain…

— I would let him explain, but I just can’t get over the fact that the right side of his face is so bizarrely drawn.

— What is this? A JRPG? Nick Cage’s next blockbuster?

— But yeah, there’s a super important fireworks ceremony coming up, and Ginji has to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch. ‘Cause the southern lands are cursed! Er, something like that. Even with Odanna’s explanation, the situation is terribly vague.

— In the end, all that Aoi has to worry about is cooking. That’s her life! Cook, cook, cook! And thanks to Odanna, she can keep Matsuba pleased with these wonderful Japanese meals (even though Hidden Realm food also look Japanese).

— The old man is so happy that he rolls around on the floor like an overjoyed dog.

— Eventually, Aoi’s success with Matsuba catches the attention of these two cranes. Yes, they’re cranes. Just roll with it.

— They look young, but they’re actually the chefs at Orio-ya. They also don’t hate Aoi, because they only just started working here. They don’t really feel one way or the other about the inn’s petty rivalry with Tenjin-ya.

— Unfortunately, the crane twins have another difficult client to deal with, and this is why they’ve come to Aoi for help. This spoiled, haughty lady is no longer pleased with their cooking, and this is bad because she’s apparently an ameonna. Whenever she’s unhappy, it rains. When you’re about to set off some fireworks, you don’t want some crybaby raining on your parade. As a result, Orio-ya need to keep her happy until the upcoming big event is over. But shit, California’s been dealing with a drought. We could use a woman like her.

— Well, you should know the deal by now: Aoi can always save the day with her cooking. As such, she’s going to attempt to cook for this woman. And what will she be making? Monjayaki! It’s kinda similar to okonomiyaki.

— Like the crane twins, not everyone at Orio-ya hates Aoi, especially if she can introduce them to potato chips (seriously, the Hidden Realm doesn’t have potato chips?). Y’know, the ones that are not so old so they are not petty. And in the process of befriending them, she learns that maybe mean ol’ Ranmaru is not so bad. Gasp! You mean one of the bishies in this story is secretly a nice guy?! No way!

— Apparently, you can throw cheese on top of monjayaki to make it even goopier. That sounds so delightfully unhealthy. I wanna try it.

— But yeah, that’s it. The episode just kinda ends without Aoi having achieved anything. Bit of a subdued episode, honestly. We won’t find out if the ameonna likes Aoi’s food until next week’s episode. All we get to see is Aoi and her Orio-ya friends looking determined. But who am I kidding? The ameonna will probably love the monjayaki.

7 thoughts on “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Ep. 16: Cooking for jerks

  1. Karandi

    I’m with you in that these characters drive me crazy. And the whole everyone is mean but secretly really nice and once Aoi figures that out they essentially have a total personality transplant and become this super nice person has become repetitive and dull at this point so that you can’t even care when someone is mean because you’re just waiting for Aoi to feed them and save the day.

    1. Sean Post author

      I just like to think that because you live longer in the Hidden Realm, your childhood also lasts longer. So even though these characters look like adults, they’re really not. They’re just a bunch of bratty children.


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