My Hero Academia Ep. 58?

Do I really want to watch this “special” episode? Not really. This is going to be a short post since this episode is, as you might expect, pretty inconsequential. 

— The episode opens with a news program about All Might’s earlier days. He used to hang out with a guy by the name of David Shield. Said guy is apparently a brilliant scientist. Want to know more about him? Watch the My Hero Academia movie that just came out! Oh, you’re not in Japan? Well, I guess you can just sit tight and wait. Supposedly, Funimation will screen the movie in the West next month. I’m not sure if I’ll go watch it. On the one hand, the subbed version is only screened on weekdays. On the other hand, I don’t actually mind MHA‘s dub. Hmmm…

— Anyways, Aizawa’s holding extra summer lessons, and only a handful of students can participate at any given time. So for our “special” episodes, we pretty much get the main characters of the series. I’d throw Momo in there, but eh, it’s no big loss.

— Dude, phrasing

— The kids will try and approach a situation in which a robbery has gone wrong, and as a result, the villain has holed himself up inside a jewelry store along with three hostages. Naturally, all four characters are played by instructors.

— Uraraka is sent in first, because her ability to pretty much fly allows her to collect useful information. Also, I took this screenshot, because I thought it looked cute. She kinda resembles Kirby with her pink costume and puffed out cheeks.

— It doesn’t take long, however, before Bakugo loses his patience. Defuse a hostage situation? Puh-leeze. He’s here to fight. The kid ends up charging in through the front door, and the others have no choice but to follow his lead. I mean, what else can they do?

— Bakugo blows up the entrance with his Quirk. He claims that he is holding back, but isn’t this kinda dangerous for the hostage? Even if they hadn’t got caught up in the explosion, what if the villain had retaliated instantly by harming one of them? If I were Aizawa, I’d fail the kids right there and then. Or, at the very least, just fail Bakugo.

— But of course, we can’t cut this woefully boring episode short, so the show must go on. We thus have a mini-murder mystery on our hands. When the kids get inside the store, they find that the villain is dead from an apparent stab wound.

— Who could’ve killed the villain?! Everyone was barricaded in the store, so no one could’ve entered or left before Bakugo blew the front doors wide open! As a result, the killer must be in this very same room!

— At one point, Asui makes a rather reasonable suggestion in my honest opinion: why don’t we just leave this to the police? Yeah, why don’t we? They’re heroes, not detectives. Maybe some heroes are detectives, but not all heroes. Are heroes supposed to be able to play detectives too? I mean, don’t you think they have enough on their plate as it is?

— Plus, if you really think about, if the villain is dead, why wouldn’t they call the police to come in and start their investigation? The kids don’t have to bow out, but there’s no reason to keep the rest of the police force standing outside.

— You want to call it a forensics team, don’t you? I mean, c’mon, it’s a murder scene.

— Eh, whatever. I guess we’ll just play along. That is some dark ass blood.

— So like any closed room murder mystery, the kids start questioning the hostages, i.e. the suspects, one-by-one. I’m not going to get into the facts and details, because this episode is really boring to me. So let’s just cut to the chase: Deku concocts this elaborate story about how the villain was really in a relationship with the character played by Midnight. As a result, to avoid ruining her reputation, the villain committed suicide out of love. Love, you guys. Love. For once, I share Bakugo’s annoyance.

— And according to Aizawa, Deku’s theory was more or less correct. Unfortunately, they didn’t check to see if the villain was really dead or not. It turns out he was just playing dead. As soon as the kids turn around to check, the villain is gone. Y’see, earlier when Asui had checked the “dead body,” her hair tickled All Might’s nose so he giggled. As a result, he really wasn’t dead.

— I’m sorry, but this is kinda stupid. All Might can’t really be dead, because this is just a mock scenario. He’s just acting. Of course he wouldn’t really be dead. The kids reasonably assumed that he was playing a dead character. What were they supposed to do? Even if they checked his pulse, it’d be useless because of course he would have a pulse. He’s not really dead. Were they supposed to tie him up? What? Tie up what they thought was a corpse? Risk disturbing the scene of the crime without first calling in the forensics team?

— But therein lies the problem: if the kids truly thought they had a murder mystery on their hands, they should’ve called in the experts. Sorry, a bunch of freshmen in high school shouldn’t be trying to solve a murder. This whole thing was a waste of time from the very beginning.

— Anyways, in the aftermath, All Might reads an email from Melissa Shield, David Shield’s daughter. She invites the hero to I-Island, where a big science expo will be taking place. All Might quickly runs to Deku, because he wants to invite the kid to come along. Want to know what happens next? Watch the movie, the episode reminds us! Plus, it wouldn’t be My Hero Academia without all of the other wonderful characters, so you can rest assured that Deku won’t be the only person joining All Might on the trip.

— Unfortunately, when I look at the cast of characters, I see that Mineta is also included. You guys aren’t really convincing me to plop down fifteen bucks for this movie! Nah, I’m just kidding. If I get free time on a Saturday night, I’ll check it out. Usually, I got stuff with the girlfriend on the weekends, and convincing her to watch a MHA movie will be a tall task…

— I’ll be back later today with the Persona 5 post. If fansubbers get around to Sirius the Jaeger‘s latest episode, I’ll cover that too. On the other hand, while High Score Girl‘s latest episode got fansubbed pretty quick this week, I’ll still save it for tomorrow. I don’t usually have busy Sundays, so this means I’ll be able to give it the attention it deserves.

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