Phantom in the Twilight Ep. 8: Taking a one week breather

The anime series could’ve left this episode out and it wouldn’t have impacted our understanding of the story one bit. 

— The episode opens with Luke backflipping across the rooftops of London, so I already know I’m in for a treat.

— Ton is finally awake, and her hair still looks crazy. More importantly, she no longer remembers who her BFF is. Man, these girls ain’t loyal.

— Luke nevertheless assures us that Shinyao is perfectly safe, because she’s with his brother. He just doesn’t exactly know where those two are right now. Riiiiight. Perfectly safe…

— So what happened to Ton? Well, if you recall — and you probably don’t because why on earth would you watch this show? — Shinyao was thrown out the window of a skyscraper. As a result, Ton thought her BFF had died. To cope with such a traumatic experience, her mind is simply going to suppress any memory that has to do with Shinyao.

— What do we do now? Well, therein lies the problem: Vlad and Luke can’t agree on what they should do with Ton. Toryu and Wayne are easy; they’ll just go with the flow. They’re minor bishies so they have no real opinions on anything. Vlad and Luke, however, are divided. The former wants to leave Ton as she is right now, because he thinks she’d be safer this way. Ton has a tendency to do too much on on her own, and she might push her body too far next time. Luke, however, wants the old Ton back. He thinks it’s up to the girl to decide what she wants to do with her powers. I’m inclined to agree with the werewolf even though I think vampires are obviously cooler than dogs.

— This is where the episode starts to really feel pointless, though. When nighttime rolls around, Toryu once again asks what they should do. As a result, the bishies once again deliberate over what they should do with Ton. Likewise, Vlad once again insists that they do nothing. This is going nowhere. It’s absolutely going nowhere.

— So one by one, the bishies decide to pay Ton a visit. Vlad goes first and basically tells the girl that no matter what happens, he’ll always be there for her. As a result, he would like her to lean on them more.

— Next up, Luke tries to ask Ton whether or not she’d like her memories back, but he does it by posing a hypothetical situation. Obviously, the girl has no clue what he’s talking about, so she just thinks he’s asking for relationship advice.

— Man, what a lame thing to say.

— Finally, Toryu drops by to brush Ton’s hair. Why doesn’t Wayne visit her as well? Beats me.

— We then cut to see that Shinyao and Chris are not safe at all. In fact, Midnight Sun are after them even more than ever. Why? Because the surveillance camera had caught the girl absorbing Kabocha-kun into herself. And for some reason, this means that Ton’s BFF might have more magical potential? Man, I don’t even know anymore. Needless to say, Haysin now has two different girls that he’s interested in. What a two-timing creep.

— At one point, Shinyao places a hand on one of Chris’s thighs. Lewd.

— Haysin suffered a few injuries after his last encounter with Ton. I wanna say he got beat up by a girl, but that’s not nice.

— For some reason, Midnight Sun’s best hacker also recorded a video of Van Helsing dying. So yeah.. there’s that.

— Anyways, we soon learn that Kabocha-kun is not entirely gone from this world. Shinyao can still communicate with him in some form or fashion, a revelation which puzzles Chris.

— The girl then suggests what they both should’ve done a long time ago: go to Cafe Forbidden and ask for help. Finally. I mean, seriously, why would anyone think that sleeping in abandoned buildings every single night is a good idea?

— Chris, of course, is reluctant to ask for help. He claims that he’s caused huge problems for Ton’s bishies, so he feels awkward around them. Right, so you’re going to risk both of your lives because you feel awkward. Pfft.

— Back at Cafe Forbidden, Ton finally remembers what she needs to do. As a result, she gets up, puts on her outfit, and marches downstairs to greet the boys triumphantly. Oh yeah, her hair is back to normal.

— So what was the point of this episode? I thought Luke and the others would need to go on some sort of quest in order to restore the girl’s memories. For instance, maybe they’d track Shinyao down for once, and when they bring her to Ton, the latter would finally get her memories back. But our heroine just went and did it on her own. We sat around and basically watched the bishies tell her that she’s important to them. Great.

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