What I Watched Today: That slime anime and The Girl in Twilight

New season means new shows. New shows means new ways to be disappointed. I can’t wait. 

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Honestly, I found this opening episode kinda boring, but first, a little context. Satoru is a 37-year-old virgin who has never had a girlfriend. Even so, he’s happy with his life, and he seems nice enough. Boy, was he ready and willing to protect his kohai/coworker from a random knife attack! The only problem is that he’s now dying as a result of his heroic efforts. As life slowly ebbs away from Satoru, our main character is also simultaneously going through a character creation process. Why? Beats me. Maybe the story will explain this one day, but judging by recent isekai adaptations, that time will probably never come in anime form. But because he’s complaining about feeling cold, his new character will now have cold resistance. Because he just got stabbed, his new character will take reduced damage from stabbing attacks. It just goes on and on like this until the dude finally bites it. So what do you get when you take all these individual elements and blend them all up? A slime, apparently. Next thing you know, Satoru has awaken in a strange, new world as a genderless, faceless slime.

Dying is pretty traumatic enough as it is, but now he has to be a slime? Satoru takes it in stride, though. This ain’t your “I have no mouth and I must scream” situation. Instead of body horror, we get yet another isekai anime. Talk about boring. The novelty wore off pretty quick as soon as I started watching Satoru acclimate to both his new body and environment. He has the ability to digest and analyze everything he eats, so when he munches on a medicinal plant, he decides to go and make potions out of them or whatever. He then quickly turns his attention to some valuable ore. Last but not least, Satoru eventually stumbles upon a sealed dragon who provides a tiny bit of lore (how many dragons there are in this world, how he was sealed, what summoners are, the fact that there might be others in this world who are also originally from Japan, blah blah blah). If this sounds like another generic RPG, that’s because it probably is another generic RPG. There’s also a built-in AI who seemingly exists to help Satoru understand the “gameplay mechanics.” Despite being a huge JRPG fan myself, I don’t find any of this interesting. Rather, it just felt like a huge drag.

Every asshole who ends up in an MMORPG always goes about crafting potions. We’re just tired of human assholes, so our main character is now a genderless slime instead. Everything else, however, remains the same. I don’t feel as though all that much has changed. At the end of the day, Slime Satoru still has human thoughts, human reactions, and human conversations. All that’s different is his ability to absorb stuff. On paper, reincarnating into a slime sounds kooky, but the story had 24 minutes to give a good first impression, and I felt like they bombed the execution pretty badly. Last but not least, I think this show is trying to be funny, but it keeps falling flat. For instance, Satoru’s last request as he slowly bleeds out is to tell his kohai to go to his apartment and delete his hard drive. Hahaha, ’cause we all download some dirty ass porn, right? And then for some reason, his new dragon companion is kinda lonely, kinda arrogant, and a whole lot tsundere. Why? Because it’s supposed to be funny, I guess.

Maybe when the rest of the story opens up and we meet other characters, this anime might not be so dull. I wouldn’t put my money on it, though.

The Girl in Twilight

Anime characters are also so nonplussed about everything. Magically transport yourself to some weird world? Eh, no reason to freak out. Get mobbed by a bunch of cute bunnies? Shrug. Cute bunnies are now vicious, potentially man-eating creatures? Okay, let’s scream a little, but not too much. Watch hero girl who happens to look a whole lot like one of us go through a transformation sequence to get armored up and beat up on a bunch of mean, interdimensional serpents? Wow, am I in an anime or something? Now, let’s return to our world, let the main character take care of the strange girl who looks like her, and call it a day! Dude, if I were in these girls’ position, I’d be losing my fucking mind. But they’re anime characters, so like Satoru in the previous show, it’s whatever. It’s cool, don’t worry! It’s anime, baby! Crank up that insert song!

Anyways, five girls in the Radio Society like to do mock rituals for funsies? But one day, performing the ritual with a mysterious rock and a certain frequency sends them all into a space between dimensions? Twilight? After being attacked, another Asuka comes to save them, and she also has a dead brother. Unfortunately, there’s only so much story you can tell in a single episode, so this is all that we get for now. Looking ahead, we’ll probably get various versions of every girl. So far, we have Genki And Thus Kinda Dense Asuka and Serious, Battle-hardened Asuka. Maybe there’s an evil Asuka, a depressed Asuka, a furious Asuka, so on and so forth. The battle in this episode wasn’t bad, but it was also against boring snake things so the stakes weren’t high or anything. This show also seems to have a thing for butts, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But to sum this up, at least the first episode wasn’t super boring.

8 thoughts on “What I Watched Today: That slime anime and The Girl in Twilight

  1. Adrian Saputra

    The Isekai Slime anime:
    “Maybe when the rest of the story opens up and we meet other characters, this anime might not be so dull. I wouldn’t put my money on it, though.”

    You’re completely right there, Sean. It’s just only going to get worse and worse. Fortunately, I’m pretty sure this anime is going to flounder around for a season and be forgotten. Any longer than that and damn, it is going to go from just dull and boring to outright nauseating and repulsive.

    The Magical Girl anime:
    I’ve watched it and I don’t have much to say about it. Its plot is basically just usual anime stuff (i.e. I know jack) at this point. The characters also don’t act like a normal human being or the usual anime stuff. Everything about this anime, including the all-girls cast, is just the usual anime stuff, so I’m just ehh…

    1. Pinchimon

      You are completely wrong this will only be so in the first two chapters, then come the real issues you want to treat the story is not simply boring exposure of what powers acquires or how simple it beats any enemy that is, the protagonist is a kind and generous that helps everyone the story is implicitly anti-slavery

  2. Cozy Rogers

    At least Slime had some pretty decent animation for the most part. Some of the fights in the OP/ED looked pretty good also. As for improving as we meet new people, though… well, I just hope the ultra-generic character designs showcased in the ED were a consequence of putting 95% of the effort into writing/backstory or something.

    I have my doubts as well.

  3. Pinchimon

    -“our main character is also simultaneously going through a character creation process. Why? Beats me. Maybe the story will explain this one day”.
    The dragon explained that when humans arrive in that world they can acquire the skills they want as the girl who defeated him, he basically asked to be immune to pain, temperature and physical damage which was deducted in a slime which possess all those abilities naturally only that the slimes have no conscience so they make them easy prey for other monsters, in addition to “predator” and the “super wise” that their key mechanics will use more than anything to help other characters which will cause them to Unite him, then start the real story of how your nation has to deal with the various conflicts and interests of the rest of the world.

  4. El cagüai

    I really liked how animated Rimuru-sama is very cute, you should know him better because it’s one of my favorite characters is one of the most tender, kind and generous beings that exist :3


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