Some space fishing show about SEXISM

In this anime universe, every single fish seems to have disappeared from Earth’s oceans. Every single one? Literally every single one? Well, overfishing is an actual problem. So what’s the solution? 

Giant space fish tanks, apparently. No, you read that right. Giant space fish tanks. Why couldn’t we just put these fish in, y’know, our oceans? Too polluted? Fine, why couldn’t we just put these fish in fish tanks on, y’know, Earth? We need more space than Earth can hold? Is that really true? Do you really, truly believe that?

And because this is anime, our story has to focus on cute girls. Cute space-fisherwomen, to be exact.

And like almost every goddamn show that focuses on a largely female cast, the main character is an annoying girl brimming with energy. As a result, she’s a bit of a nitwit.

Nevertheless, I get to watch this nitwit go on a sightseeing tour for like five goddamn minutes for some reason. God, I was so bored. Now, it isn’t enough that the show is about cute space-fisherwomen. No, no, no, these cute space-fisherwomen also have to be teenagers. Who the fuck would wanna watch actual women go fishing? Pfft.

Not only that, let’s shoehorn in some weird sexism thing. Yeah, that’s right, for a long time, only men could be space-fisher… uh, men. But now, women are allowed to join the industry! Too bad the space-fishermen are still big, ol’ sexists for some reason! Argh matey, you can only fish if you have a dick!

Down with sexism! Up with equality! Rawr, feminism! Yeah, I would take this seriously if our brave, pioneering space-fisherwomen didn’t look so goddamn young. Not only do they have to be cuteteenaged space-fisherwomen on paper, they have to look like they belong in middle school.

Meanwhile, the space-fishermen (get used to these hyphenated nouns) are literally like a foot taller than all of these girls with square jaws and broad shoulders. It’s fucking stupid.

And of course, when the space-fisherwomen go to do their jobs, they have to wear these skintight bodysuits that hug every curve. There’s even a boob window! How many fishermen or fisherwomen do you think go out to sea with a boob window!

Oh, you think a boob window is dumb? Well, it turns out you need to pick a deity to help you fish. A deity in an app. Without picking one, the vehicle you use to actually fish won’t have the tools it needs to catch the fish. Yeah, ’cause it sure is hard to equip yourself with some harpoons and nets.

No, you need to pick a deity so it can grant you the ability to wield a sword. Yes, catch a fish with a goddamn sword.

Not only do the fish exist out in goddamn space for some bizarre reason, they’re giant. Like whale-sized giant. Yeah, it ain’t hard enough that you gotta go out into space to hunt fish. We gotta make some goddamn kaiju-like fish for you to catch.

And deal with gargantuan killer crabs.

So of course, the newly-formed squad of rookie space-fisherwoman isn’t that good at their job yet, because our heroine literally hasn’t undergone any training. And as a result of their inability to catch a single giant fish in a fish tank that floats in the middle of outer space, the evil sexist man cackles with glee as he gloats over the fact that vagina-havers literally don’t have what it takes to catch space fish. Yep, that’s the show, folks. Amazing.

7 thoughts on “Some space fishing show about SEXISM

  1. Karandi

    This was my first absolute drop of the season. Most other shows I’ve tried I’ll give a second episode to, but this one just isn’t worth the time. It bored me and then annoyed me and to be honest I really don’t want to give it even another minute of my attention.

      1. Karandi

        I could have gotten over the no fish on earth. I possibly could have accepted fish tanks in space. But then we started to get to know the characters and how this whole fishing in space thing was going to work and there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to suspend my disbelief. That and the ham-fisted attempt at addressing sexism just made me want to roll my eyes at it.

  2. Adrian Saputra

    This is tough. If I say anime industry is running out of idea, they are able to keep coming up with new (and dumb) way to use school girls. If I say anime industry is innovative, they keep using school girls and those school girls are pretty much the same in each anime that use them.

    This is so far, the dumbest anime I watch in this season. I can accept the basic premise of this anime like Karandl above. I mean it’s anime. Dumb shit is to be expected. But, the entire stuff with the school girls, all the characters, how space-fishing works, and the piss-poor usage of sexism and how to address it… This anime is dumb but not in the way that I find hilarious. This anime is begging to be dropped right at the first episode.

  3. whentheloliscry

    Seems way easier to clean up a little pollution than to recycle water in space. Japan looks green in the aerial picture, so there must be clean rain, and there must be rivers. You can still fish in the rivers right?

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