Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Ep. 6: Trip report

Don’t do drugs, kids. Or do do drugs, ’cause man, the visions you’ll get… 

Chigusa’s artistic rendition of Yuito’s experience with Hitomi’s star-sand is the best. It’s like he’s tripping out on shrooms in his room. Maybe he was.

— I don’t see what the big deal is, though. He got to see something cool, and it was only temporary. Unless the magical fish destroyed his drawing tablet, then I don’t really think there’s a cause for concern.

— Oooooh, that’s why: “I think that fish was the one I’ve drawn in my pictures sometimes. It was in the first picture I won an award for in grade school.” Maybe Yuito thinks Hitomi used her magic to dig around in his memories. I suppose that would be a breach of privacy. After all, he barely knows her.

— Is there a chance she could have spotted the fish in his room when she first came to this time period? I guess I could rewatch the first episode, but meh…

— With Sho’s help, Hitomi gets to see the old drawing in all its glory. Again, I can’t help but wonder if Yuito would accuse the girl of overstepping his boundaries. This wouldn’t bother most people, but everyone’s different. Everyone has a different comfort level. I know I’m not particularly eager to share my past with anyone but, say, my future wife.

— Yuito’s dad was happy he won an award, huh? So where is his old man nowadays? This would explain why he might not like to talk about his past. He can’t just ignore his passion for drawing, but at the same time, it reminds him of his father. After all, the guy doesn’t even want to entertain the thought of going to art school. This is a reminder that we’re not just concerned with Hitomi’s depression. It’s possible that Yuito has the same affliction.

— As Hitomi walks away, Sho suddenly acts as if he has something he wants to tell her. In the end, he simply opts to walk her home. Even though he didn’t say what he wanted to say — whatever it was — we still don’t avoid drama. Asagi eventually spots these two walking together and looks shocked, so that’s still at thing. I just feel bad for Hitomi. Three’s a crowd, but she doesn’t even know she’s in this party.

— Sho is now walking home with Asagi — as you can see, this guy gets around — and he suddenly pats her on the head for making those rabbit postcards he had suggested in last week’s episode. The girl then thinks back to Kohaku’s sage advice. Yo, you gotta seize her own destiny. So what does Asagi do? She yells at Sho. She gets mad at him for treating her like a child, then runs off. The implication here is plainly clear to us, because we’re not as dense as a typical anime guy. Obviously, he can’t see her as a viable romantic partner if he keeps treating her like a kid. Obviously. But this isn’t so obvious to Sho, now is it? Especially if he’s in the midst of falling for Hitomi. So even though Asagi probably had to summon up all her courage in order to confront her childhood friend, I don’t think she actually manages to make any headway. All she really did was leave him in a state of confusion.

— Anyways, Kurumi’s idea for a photo session involves getting all dressed up. This must have cost a pretty penny.

Why are these two so awkward with each other already?

— Afterwards, Hitomi spots Yuito drawing something in the distance. I bet she’s gonna sneak up on him.

— When the girl draws closer, she suddenly sees that golden fish leave his tablet. It starts circling her until she’s enveloped in a maelstrom of colors. But eventually, the colors would fade until Hitomi finds herself in a whole new world.

— When Hitomi walks forward into the darkness, she soon finds herself in the middle of an impressionistic painting. Beneath her feet, she sees a giant golden fish swim about. As the girl continues to walk, the darkness would slowly transition into a sea of clouds. Clouds with black scribbles all over them. Are these failed attempts by Yuito? Has she stepped into his artistic mind? One of his paintings that he has never shown anyone else? As cool as this all looks, we’re still no closer to understanding why Yuito is so important to Hitomi. We’re no closer to understanding why they’ve developed such a strong connection. Hitomi seems to have tapped into a side of Yuito that he’s shown no one else, but she barely even knows this guy. Why is she able to see all of this from just a glimpse of his drawings?

— Eventually, Hitomi enters into a wasteland. In front of her is a giant dead fish.

— It would be so cliche if our heroine eventually stumbles upon a child version of Yuito.

— Oh, a dark pit of despair. That’s nice.

— I guess it’s more like a pool of water than a pit. And in it, we see the silhouette of a person attempting to catch another fish. Why stop now, Hitomi? She’s walked so far already. She may as well approach this individual.

— It may as well be Yuito, right? After all, the golden fish was his muse, wasn’t it? The golden fish started him down on this path towards becoming an artist. But Hitomi saw it with her own eyes. She saw that the fish has long since died for whatever reason. As a result, Yuito has developed a creative block. We now see this emaciated, pitiful individual trying their best to catch another golden fish in a barren wasteland. What they don’t realize, however, is that they’re slowly drowning themselves and getting pulled into a whirlpool. Again, I like the visuals, but I gotta be honest: this is a pretty on-the-nose metaphor of a young artist trying to find his new muse.

— Hitomi starts running towards the individual and calling out to them. She wants to save them. But all she finds is another dead fish.

— Finally, our heroine snaps back to reality. It seems she passed out in real life. Damn, I wish I could have dreams like that.

— Hitomi also doesn’t hesitate to tell Yuito about everything that she just witnessed. She’s so open with him.

— The only problem is that she seems to think the individual was trying to get in the way. Get in the way of what, though? She then suggests that they could ask Kohaku to do a dream reading, but Yuito has heard enough. He doesn’t want people digging around in his thoughts and feelings and possibly dredging up something painful. Who would?

He might have gone too far with his words, though. I think he’s overreacting a bit. Then again, it’s hard to know what he’s going through. Since we view almost all of these events from Hitomi’s perspective. We see brief snippets of Yuito’s daily life. There have been maybe two interactions between him and his mother? So yeah, we don’t really know how hard he has it.

— In the end, the guy just leaves without giving his friends much of a warning. All they see is Hitomi chasing after him then stopping halfway. I’m sure Hitomi can’t help but feel as though she really screwed up. She didn’t, though. Not on purpose, anyways. She didn’t try to pry into Yuito’s thoughts and feelings. It just happened. Still, with her self-esteem being already low enough as it is, it’s not surprising that the next time we see her, the girl is absolutely gutted. She’s telling herself that she shouldn’t have bothered with magic after all.

— Some attention is better than no attention?

— Still, Kohaku does her best to console her granddaughter. She’s confident that the girl can mend things with Yuito. Of course she can. It’s not like they had a blow-out fight. It’s not like one person betrayed another… not really, anyways. It was an accident!

— The next day, the other girls echo the same sentiment: “…giving your bonds a good whacking will make them stronger.” Um, that’s one way to put it.

— Asagi then gets really curious and wants to know what had happened. The problem is that everything Hitomi saw yesterday was extremely personal to Yuito. She really can’t say much more than that she inadvertently entered one of his drawings (I still think it was his artistic mind but whatever).

— Afterwards, Hitomi finds a postcard for an exhibition. In last week’s episode, Yuito had mentioned an acquaintance of his doing their first exhibition. I guess they must have been in the same club last year, because the people in this postcard sure do look familiar.

— Sure enough, we cut to Yuito paying said exhibition a visit. We also seem to catch him staring at Sanami, his so-called acquaintance.

— Yuito then gifts her the forest star-sand he had bought under Hitomi’s guidance. When Sanami teases him about his kouhai, he smiles sheepishly so it seems as though he’s already gotten over yesterday’s incident.

— He opens up to his acquaintance later about his creative block. Yuito even admits that he had snapped at his kouhai, so he feels bad for getting mad at Hitomi. He must have spent the night thinking about it just like she did.

— It seems as though Hitomi and Kohaku were going to drop by the exhibit, but when our heroine sees Yuito saying his goodbyes to Sanami. They over hear him thanking her for letting him borrow some of that forest star-sand. I don’t know exactly what conclusion Hitomi might have jumped to, but she ended up turning around and running away in the opposite direction. Did she think that he had rejected her magic but accepted someone else’s? Or was she just not ready to see him? I can’t imagine the latter making her run away so dramatically like this, though.

— Again, obaachan comes to the rescue: Kohaku casts a spell that causes the wind to knock Hitomi’s umbrella out of her hands. Geez, why would you want to get your granddaughter all wet? Well, she did it because Yuito didn’t hesitate to pick up the umbrella and go after Hitomi. Just look at that smile on obaachan’s face. She knows what she wanted to have happened.

— And props to Yuito for doing what Sho couldn’t do. When Asagi ran off in last week’s episode, the guy just sat there. Hitomi isn’t even Yuito’s childhood friend!

— When Yuito catches up to Hitomi, not only he tell her that he’ll keep drawing, we see that golden fish come back to life. Color also returns to the painted world. But whose world is it now? Is this her world? ‘Cause she can’t still be in his, right? Could we say that they now share the same inspiration?  That the golden fish is as important to Hitomi as it is to Yuito? It’s possible that Hitomi inadvertently used her magic again to enter that world, but I dunno. I would like to think they both share the golden fish now. Hell, maybe what she saw earlier in the episode wasn’t just Yuito’s alone. Maybe their subjectivities have merged.

— When he then tells her that he would like to show her his drawing whenever he finishes it, she sees the giant golden fish burst forth from the ground in the painted world. The fish then circles around her in the real world, and suddenly, her ability to see colors has been restored.

— Hitomi then decides to walk the rest of the way home without using the umbrella. You’re gonna catch a cold like that, girl.

— Our heroine eventually gets back home. You think she would have good news for her obaachan, but the girl is still in a state of shock. To be honest, I’m a tiny bit surprised by this week’s events. I didn’t think she’d get her ability to see colors back so soon.

— Neat visuals in this week’s episode. I hope we get more of this sort of thing again.

2 thoughts on “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Ep. 6: Trip report

  1. ndqanhvn

    I am not very impressed with the story so far, but the visual of this EP is indeed nice. I love it when studio tried to do something to tell the story or the concept through visual, like Hyoukka used to do it with the deduction of the main character.


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