Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Ep. 10: Kirill is apparently very smart

He just seems to lack any ounce of common sense. 

— But we’ll have to start from the very beginning, so we see the military head honcho from last week’s episode approach Travis with a proposal: why not have Seven-O and the military work together to defeat Esperanza? But does he really care about taking down the crime syndicate? Or does he just want to get his hands on Kirill? For what, however, I have no clue. We’ll just have to wait until the story is ready to tell us why the kid is so special.

— Speaking of Kirill, he’s trying to get Doug to submit his report of the incidents from last week’s episode. I’m guessing that due to the Double Decker system, Travis won’t let Kirill work until Doug finishes this task. Unfortunately for the rookie, Doug has no intention of lifting a finger right now. I can’t blame him either. I mean, c’mon, the guy is still in bandages. Let him enjoy his downtime.

— Out of nowhere, a kid by the name of Gus shows up and offers Kirill a wad of cash for his time. Yeesh, it’s one thing to mistake him for a girl, but to treat him like a prostitute?

— Despite this, Doug insists on letting Gus go with a slap on a wrist. I guess there’s not much you can do since he’s just a kid. So what’s Gus’s deal anyways? Well, we’ll find out later. For now, we just know that his father Jeffrey is terminally ill. Honestly, with that bit of information, you can kinda already guess what the kid is trying to do, but I’ll hold off on my commentary about this till later.

— In the meantime, Deana and Kay are here to investigate a series of Anthem-related deaths that are somehow linked to the hospital. And oh yeah, Gus had tried to proposition Kay as well.

— We eventually see the two girls interview a pair of shady doctors. They want to preach the idea that even a drug like Anthem can be used for healing purposes. Sure. Technically, you can abuse medicine, and likewise, even something as dangerous as cocaine can be used as an anesthetic. The problem is that these drugs are illegal for reason: they’re too risky. That’s why opioid abuse is a thing. And considering how Anthem can completely mutate a person if it doesn’t outright kill them, is it really worth exploring its medical potential?

— When the doctors ask the detectives if they understand how Anthem actually works, the girls are clueless. But that’s when Kirill steps in and starts dropping some serious knowledge bombs on both his coworkers and the audience. Goddamn… who knew he was so smart?

— Just look at Deana and Kay’s shocked expressions. The former is so pissed off by this revelation that she pulls a gun on Kirill.

— Meanwhile, Doug has a chat with Jeffrey. The old man says that life has been so difficult for his son lately that he doesn’t mind letting Gus have fun once in a while. Yeah, but there’s a difference between goofing off and asking women if they want to sell their bodies. Just sayin’.

— Back at headquarters, the rage over Kirill’s smarts continues. Not only has the kid written a well-respected paper on genetics, he can pick things up by just reading comic books. Again, Kirill appears stupid because he just doesn’t have common sense. Basically, he has a lot of intelligence but no wisdom. Every once in a while, he can apply himself and achieve something great (like that scientific paper). But most of the time, the kid is chasing after silly boyish dreams like becoming a hero.

— Pissed off Deana is always going to be funny to me.

— Anyways, when Kirill heads to the hospital to harass Doug some more about that report, he eventually finds Gus sleeping outside on a bench. It turns out the kid no longer has a home, because all their money goes to his father’s treatment.

— So Kirill does the good guy thing. He not only lets Gus sleep in his apartment for the night, he even enlists Valery’s help to feed the kid.

— As a result, Gus opens up about why he keeps propositioning random women in public. Basically, his dad has been working non-stop in order to raise him, so the old man hasn’t been getting any. And since he’s now terminally ill, he will die sexless. As a result, the kid thinks that this is pathetic. Holy hell, that is stupid.

I’m glad Kirill agrees with me.

— When Gus suddenly falls asleep, Doug calls Kirill to bring him a forensics kit. A patient who was just on his death bed earlier in the episode is now walking around town as if he’s in perfect health. Obviously, Doug suspects that Anthem might be involved.

— The two of them try to tail the Anthem-user, but he eventually eludes the detectives thanks to his obviously Anthem-induced powers. So all Doug and Kirill can do for now is go back to the hospital and question those shady doctors.

— Eventually, the Anthem-user returns to see the detectives directly. He complains that he can no longer feel anything. He might be in perfect health, but he no longer has some of his senses (he still has his sight and hearing, obviously). So when Doug asks him to bring them to the bad guy responsible for everything, we soon learn that the shady doctors are the culprits after all. Not only that, the shady doctors now want to perform the same treatment on Jeffrey.

— So what’s going on here? Well, as we already know, the doctors want to give their terminally-ill patients a new lease on life. They know that Anthem is highly dangerous, but if there’s a chance that the drug might save someone, they think it’s worth trying.

— On the one hand, they don’t actually force any of their patients to use Anthem. But on the other hand, you could argue that these people are not in the right state of mind to make such a decision on their own. It doesn’t help either that their doctors keep insisting that Anthem is their only hope. Since they’re desperately clinging for help, they will likely accept any solution that you offer them. The hospital would probably need a mental health professional on hand to truly counsel these patients, and even then, it would probably take multiple interviews before you could make a proper assessment.

— But nevermind all of that, because at the end of the day, these doctors are working with Esperanza to figure out the exact ratio for the Anti-AMS bullets. So they’re bad and we gotta stop them!

— Kirill goes to arrest the doctor, but the latter tells Jeffrey to go ahead and use Anthem on himself. It’ll heal him! The old man briefly considers it, but in the end, he steps on the drug and destroys it. He would rather die than risk becoming a monster.

— In the aftermath, Gus and Kirill do a little cosplaying just so Jeffrey can pretend as though his son is getting married. Um, okay.

— Meanwhile, the military head honcho directly approaches Kirill and asks if the kid would like to join the military. I’m guessing his meeting with Travis didn’t go well? Not only that, why would Kirill want to change teams? He seems genuinely happy with Seven-O. Well, maybe the military will make him an offer that he can’t refuse.

— One final note: as silly as this sounds, I just now realized that Deana and Kay have the same initials as Doug and Kirill. Maybe they could use a spin-off show for their exploits.

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