That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 9: New buddies

And they are quite horny. 

— I see that the pacing hasn’t picked up. The goblin village is still a work in progress. Meanwhile, Rimuru continues to experiment with his abilities, and discovers that his new human form is actually genderless. I’m still going to use male pronouns to refer to our hero due to habit… and also because he was originally a man.

— Anyways, slime boi eventually creates older versions of himself. He can even tweak how masculine or feminine they look. Scintillating. I hope that pig man attacks sooner rather than later.

— And now that Rimuru has a human form, he can taste food again. I see that the ultimate goal of being a slime hero is to eventually regain your human functions and thus resemble every other isekai protagonist ever. I’ve joked in the past that Rimuru might end up becoming a demon lord one day, but that might actually come true at this rate.

— Bulldeer sounds both tough to chew and gamey.

— Apparently, something is causing magical beasts to move about in the forest. The goblins assure Rimuru that this is nothing out of the ordinary, but lord, I’m hoping for something — anything — to happen.

— But unfortunately, we get to watch as slime boi experiments with his abilities some more. Yawn.

I’m surprised that anyone can even see out of that mask.

— Finally, something happens: the goblin hunting party runs into trouble. Ogres, to be exact. They’re not your typical ogre, either. Well, the subs refer to them as ogres, but they look more like oni from Japanese folklore. Rimuru even comments on this disparity. Sure, oni are just Japanese ogres, but eh… there are obviously small differences. Oh well, we’ll just call them ogres because that’s what the subs say.

— Anyways, one look at these guys and you’ll quickly see that they’re the same dudes that are all over the OP and ED. Needless to say, they will eventually become allies with Rimuru. Right off the bat, any tension has just gone out the window.

— The ogres are pretty astute, I guess. They can tell that Rimuru is disguising his true appearance. Of course, they don’t know that he’s actually just a slime boi, but good enough.

— The problem, however, is that they automatically assume that Rimuru is a bad guy thanks to Shizu’s mask. They don’t even want to talk things out. I guess a masked individual in the past worked with orcs to take down the oni village. Hmmm. Oh well, I guess slime boi will just have to be his overpowered self and knock some sense into them.

— As predicted, Rimuru makes short work of the ogre group. It might be a while before we ever see our hero break a sweat. It’s not about wanting to turn him into yet another typical shounen hero. Again, it’s not binary. Just because I don’t want him to be overpowered doesn’t mean I think he should resemble Naruto or whatever. I just want these battle scenes to have some excitement. On the plus side, Rimuru isn’t as dry as boring as Tatsuya from Mahouka, but the fights in this show are comparable.

— Rimuru lets his guard down briefly, so one of the ogres manages to cut off an arm. But he’s a slime boi, so it’s no big deal.

— So at this point, we know that the orcs are the true bad guys. These ogres are refusing to hear Rimuru out, but it’s just a matter of time. The only question is if they end up kissing his butt like the goblins or if they’ll just become friends. Judging by the ED, however, probably kissing his butt.

Doesn’t affect his clothes either!

— So Rimuru takes off the mask and flexes his power in the hopes that this will shock and awe the ogres into surrender. Unfortunately, the ogre leader is an idiot who wants to fight to the death. I mean, if you want vengeance, at least run away, get stronger, and come back later to do the job properly.

— Luckily, one of the ogre girls manages to talk some sense into her party. And once everyone has cooled down, the ogres finally learn that they’ve been fighting nothing more than a slime. An overpowered slime, though. Seriously, the Metal Slime Kings from Dragon Quest have nothing on Rimuru.

— In the end, the ogre leader realizes that Shizu’s mask isn’t even the same one that attacked his village. Way to go, hot head. Plus, they attacked the goblin hunting party without Rimuru there, so I dunno about these guys.

— Nevertheless, Rimuru invites them all back to the goblin village. He and the goblins are just that trusting. I wouldn’t exactly want to dine with people who would’ve killed me with nary a discussion, but oh well.

— Sounds like we’ll get the ogre backstory next week.

— Oddly enough, the ogres will refer to their leader as the young master, but like the goblins, they don’t have personal names either. Shrug.

— After nine episodes, I still find this show painfully average. Hell, it might even be slightly below average, because it’s just a touch boring. Still, it brings in the views (especially on a typically slow day like Monday), so I guess I’ll keep trucking along.

5 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 9: New buddies

  1. Fede 5000

    It could be said that the conflict with the ogres did not end because the Mc was powerful or intelligent to convince them not to fight, it was really because of the intervention of the ogre princess that calmed her hollow head brother.

    1. Sean Post author

      Nah, her argument was that he was too strong to be the same person who attacked them with orcs. So he needed to flex.

      1. Elior Levi

        sean did you see the preview of this entire ogre arc that was released today and if you did what did you think of it?

  2. Elior Levi

    rimuru is naive so far in my opinion he is too good to others it can backfired on him it almost didn’t worked here because of that idiot leader


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