That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 16: A bunch of jobbers join the team

Nothing all that exciting happens this week, so I’ll just cover this episode all quick and dirty-like. 

— Gazel shows up and hands this dude over to Rimuru. Remember him? He was the corrupt minister from ages ago. Gazel will never forgive him, but apparently, he’s a changed man now (nothing like hitting rock bottom). As a result, he gets to serve in slime boi’s new nation as a researcher.

— As a side note, I kept wanting to type Gazef instead of Gazel. Silly me, Gazef is just that tall, burly dude with darker skin and brown hair in that other show! Totally different from our dude.

— Naturally, Gabiru and his sycophants have nowhere else to go, so they’ve come to Rimuru begging for a job. I guess everyone gets second chances in Tempest.

— The idiot lizard’s sister is also here, though. As a result, she gets a name. Not only that, because she’s a female lizard, she evolves into this hot sexy anime thing. You can barely tell that she was once a lizardwoman.

— Somehow, Gabiru’s name gets overwritten, so he evolves properly this time. But unlike his sister, he doesn’t turn into a hunk or anything. He just gets wings.

— Tempest is now looking pretty decent. Every time we get an overhead shot, however, the country looks to be about the size of a really small town, but apparently, the place can hold all those remaining orcs in addition to the original goblins.

— Time for one last jobber to join the team. Rimuru’s exploits have caught the attention of some pink-haired demon lord by the name of Milim. As a result, she and her gratuitous buttcrack is here to check him out. Sadly, slime boi is unimpressed.

— Milim claims that she’s just here to introduce herself. Nevertheless, the kijin suddenly jump out of nowhere and start attacking her. Shrug.

— Then once the demon lord girl proves that she’s far too strong for any of them, Rimuru wants to take a crack. But… I thought we were just here for introductions.

Some stupid power level bullshit…

— In the end, Rimuru “wins” by shoving something down Milim’s throatsomething sweet and sticky. It’s supposedly delicious honey. It’s so delicious that Milim agrees to play nice so long as she gets to have more that sweet stuff. B-b-but I thought we were just here for introductions.

— More inane developments follow: Milim tries to convince Rimuru that being a demon lord is very cool (and very legal!), but when slime boi shows no interest, the girl concludes that he must be doing stuff that is even more awesome than being a demon lord. As a result, she wants in. Yeah, that’s… that’s basically it. I personally think this is dumb as hell, but just by saying that, I’m sure I’ll get a 5-page reply on how wrong I am and how Rimuru’s friendship with Milim shows what a wonderful, glorious leader he is.

— Seriously, the only good thing to come out of this whole nonsense is the look on Ranga’s face.

— So yeah, Milim introduces herself as Rimuru’s bestie to the rest of Tempest, and everyone approves. Everyone always approves. Things would get ugly if slime boi’s approval rate ever dips to 99%.

— Our episode is about over. All that’s left is coffee milk and shameless fanservice.

— While the girls continue to stew in the hot springs, the guys sit off to the side and worry that Milim’s presence will draw the attention of other demon lords. I don’t know how I feel about that. No, I don’t give a shit about the demon lords. I meant the other part. Oh well.

6 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 16: A bunch of jobbers join the team

  1. BigFire

    Slime basically sign a declaration of friendship with a powerful Demon Lord. This tremendously upset the balance of power for both Jura Tempest and Millim. To any other nation/Demon Lord, the declaration means that both party becomes far more powerful than they were previously.

    Granted, Juras Forest was previously under the domain of Veldora and was treated as a neutral party to everyone else. But with his disappearance and the formation of the monster nation, that’s no longer the case. Rimuru will now have to play diplomacy to the rest of the world to declare his intention.

    Rimuru is trying for Diplomacy victory route.

  2. Dewbond

    Just when I was wondering who would take “best butt” this year, we got our frontrunner.

    And hey…Purple ogre’s girls leading the charge with best boobs.


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