Fugou Keiji – Balance:UNLIMITED Ep. 2: Well, if it gets the job done…

As long as Daisuke is spending his own money in order to solve these cases, what’s really the problem?

— This week’s case kicks off when the team learns that a popular model had died from an overdose. Haru seems to take the news badly, so I guess he’s into that sort of thing. I can’t say that I know the name of an actual model unless they cross over into other industries. Y’know, like Tyra Banks and her mediocre reality TV show.

— Thanks to Daisuke, they manage to bring in two street performers to question. Richie Rich suspected them because he could smell mescaline on their clothes. What’s with weirdo detectives and their noses? Sherlock Holmes also had an acute sense of smell.

— We then get to see two different approaches to interrogation. Naturally, Daisuke just buys the guy out. Maybe he’s right. Maybe everyone has a price. Unfortunately, the police has a budget, and they can’t exactly afford to throw money at everyone. Daisuke is the magical fiction man who can.

— On the other hand, old man Chosuke tugs on the druggie’s heart strings. Both methods work, so the results are the same. At this point, Haru is only mad because of two reasons. First, it’s clear that he just plain doesn’t like Daisuke. I suppose I wouldn’t either. After all, he almost killed someone in last week’s episode. Second, perhaps he feels that the art of investigation is being tainted. I guess Daisuke might meet a suspect that he can’t buy out. And once that happens, he’ll need to fall back on the old ways. Then again, if everyone has a price, this point is moot.

— Richie Rich has apparently never eaten cup noodles. I wouldn’t say that they are delicious, though. They’re kinda addictive in the same way that junk food is addictive, but who wouldn’t pick actual ramen over cup noodles?

— Anyways, Daisuke and Haru start tailing a popular male model who hangs out with several new women every single day. He’s just that hot and charismatic, I guess.

— We even bump into the black-haired woman from the OP. Immediately, Haru is smitten. Too bad he can’t seem to handle the fact that women can also have relations. Curiously enough, during this scene, Daisuke looks away. I guess this makes sense when we find out more about the woman’s identity later.

— When they manage to snap pics of the male model buying drugs, Haru wants to immediately arrest the guy. Daisuke holds him back, however, because he wants to go after the male model’s supplier. This leads them to a yakuza family, so Daisuke’s instincts are correct this time. He got them an even bigger fish to nab. This fact, however, seems to go unacknowledged by Haru. Even though I’m no fan of Richie Rich, he did do the right thing here by not jumping the gun. Haru doesn’t have to like the guy, but he should give the Daisuke credit when it’s deserved.

— At one point, Haru stumbles upon the black-haired woman driving off in a sports car, so he follows her. He follows her straight to an impossibly large estate in the middle of nowhere. It just so happens to be Daisuke’s estate.

— C’mon, this is like a superhero’s secret hideout. Has Daisuke been playing Batman before he decided to officially become a detective?

— The woman then introduces herself as Suzue Kembe, so unfortunately, she’s no Irene Adler… as far as we know. So she and Daisuke are siblings? Cousins? I mean, they’re probably not a husband-and-wife duo, but I could be wrong. In any case, I guess this explains why he looked away earlier. No one wants to see a family member doing stuff with some sketchy dude in a car. That aside, what is with this family? When did they decide to solve crime? Do they care about society or are they just bored? Not only that, Suzue appears to be multi-talented. Not only can she play an undercover agent, she can do maintenance work and invent new gadgets for Daisuke to play with. I wouldn’t be surprised if they later claim that she put this fancy hideout together.

— Haru and Daisuke go their separate ways because the former just can’t agree with Daisuke’s tactics. I guess he wants to prove that he can get the bad guys without money. This leads him to steal someone’s identity and infiltrate a party being held by the yakuza family. Haru manages to swipe the bad guy’s phone and would’ve gotten away with it too, but he got a little too nervous at the end. I mean, the old ways are still gonna work. But the old ways are harder and thus more prone to failure. In a magical world where someone’s checking account is bottomless, wouldn’t you rather play it safe? Well, I guess you have to wonder how Daisuke is making his money. Billionaires don’t typically make their money by being ethical. Some would even argue that the existence of billionaires is downright immoral.

— In any case, a friend in a dog suit nabs the phone and causes enough chaos to allow Haru to escape. They get to the rooftop where Daisuke and Suzue get to flex their money. For instance, we see her flying what appears to be a military helicopter. Okay, I’m sure everyone has a price, but my credulity has its limits. C’mon, there’s no way the government would approve of this. You wanna fly what in our airspace?

— Daisuke then buys out the entire building that the party is held in. ‘Cause y’know, transferring ownership is as easy as a push of a button. With the building under his name, he then shoots a bazooka that lets out enough knockout gas to render everyone unconscious. And just like that, the case is solved.

— How much did this whole thing cost Daisuke? Oh, just 83 billion yen. That’s about 770 million dollars for us Yanks. Daisuke is throwing around 83 billion yen just because a model overdosed from drugs.

— Again, the art of investigation will always work, but it’s likely slower. If we had done it the old way, how long might it have taken Haru to finally arrest an entire yakuza family? How many more people would’ve died while we wait for him to put the pieces together? Last week, I wasn’t a fan of Daisuke because he had no regard for a woman’s life. But in this week’s episode, we don’t have that concern. It’s his money, and his money just removed a dangerous drug supplier from the streets, so… y’know, just let it go?

— Unfortunately, we may not get episode three for a while.

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