Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Ep. 3: Easy mode unlocked

It seems like it’s smooth sailing from here on out for Wendelin.

— Well has made it to adventurer school, which means it’s time to introduce the waifus. First up is Louise, a martial artist. Iina, a spear user, soon follows. And last but not least, every harem lead needs one token male waifu.

— Our hero’s only real struggle this episode is his inability to make friends. For some reason, rumors have already spread that he’s a top class magician. As a result, other kids are a little too intimidated to approach Wendelin. They want to do it. After all, who wouldn’t like a skilled mage on their team. But they all have this weird assumption that Well is judging them, so they just sit there and stare at the guy. Even the waifus don’t even bother talking to Wendelin first. They just decide for themselves that they need to impress him first.

— As a result, everyone tries to outdo the hero when they split up to hunt animals. At first, Wendelin appears to return empty-handed. But he’s got one of those magical JRPG bags that can hold an infinite amount of items. We then get to see him whip out a mountain of animals from said bag. I assume the bag also somehow renders everything weightless.

— Unfortunately, this makes Wendelin’s classmates avoid him even more. Kinda dumb, don’t you think? Why doesn’t he just approach people and invite them to join him? Well, for someone who used to be a salaryman in his original world, Wendelin is surprisingly socially awkward. He blames this on living on his own for the past few years. To avoid succession disputes, I guess he just isolated himself from his family. Oh well, he can go for his sister-in-law once his big bro dies. My point is, Wendelin isn’t supposed to be a kid. He’s an adult who has lived another seven years as a child. He’s mentally in his 30s or 40s. Compared to his classmates, he’s had a wealth of experience and yet he’s acting like some shy teenager. It’s kinda pathetic.

— The waifus start talking about their backstories, and coincidentally enough, they share the same problems as Wendelin. They are not the first-born son in their families, and as a result, they cannot inherit their families’ estate and/or businesses. I just find it odd that everyone is in the exact same predicament, but maybe that’s why they’ve enrolled in adventurer school.

— So the next day, the waifus decide that they will do everything they can in order to impress Wendelin… except, y’know, they could just talk to the guy. They end up biting off more than they can chew, so of course, our hero has to swoop in and save his waifus.

— Man, I’ll never get tired of hating on Wendelin’s crappy 3D Studio Max vision.

— Sadly, saving his waifus has the opposite effect! They now feel as though they don’t deserve to party up with him! Goddammit, what does a middle-aged salaryman gotta do to get teenage waifus to fawn over his dick?!

— The kids soon learn that everyone is invited to a garden party held by one of the top lords in the kingdom. Ooh la la. Everyone, however, believes that the lord is only really interested in Wendelin. I mean, that’s probably true, but why not just ask to meet the kid directly?

— At the party, the lord does beeline for Wendelin, but our hero summons up enough guts to drag the waifus with him. If teenagers aren’t gonna flock to you, I guess you just gotta come to them.

— Wendelin soon meets another mage, but it’s not just any old, crusty mage. This guy used to be Alfred’s master. They eventually just talk about how Alfred died. Nothing too important here… except for the part where Wendelin returns supplies that were meant for the army. And in doing so, he gets 1000 gold coins. In this world, that makes him filthy, filthy rich. I wonder if he’s gonna send any back to his family. Probably not.

— In the end, the waifus feel guilty because they only wanted to team up with Wendelin to take advantage of him. He, however, admits that he didn’t really wanna be alone with those adults for whatever reason, which is why he invited them to come along. With the air cleared, the waifus officially party up with Wendelin. Whew… so when does the priestess waifu show up? ‘Cause I know for a fact that we’re missing someone. The party needs a healer, alright?

— Right before the episode comes to an end, Wendelin learns that Alfred didn’t have anyone to bequeath his estate to, so I guess it just magically goes to him. It was just sitting there unused for seven years? The kingdom didn’t reclaim it or anything? And the law just lets it go to a kid?

— Like I said, Wendelin’s life is easy mode now. Somehow, he’s already one of the top mages in the entire kingdom. He gets a 1000 gold coins for simply returning some supplies. He inherits all of his master’s possessions, so he has a place to live. And even though his waifus didn’t automatically join his party, he didn’t exactly have to work hard to recruit them. All he really had to do was just talk to them.

— I guess in this day and age, people are sick of working so hard for nothing. You can put in more than eight hours of work a day, but this doesn’t guarantee you anything but a steady paycheck. And even then, a company could always lay you off. So we turn to these fantasy fulfillment stories where everything is just a walk in the park. Become filthy rich and marry all the hot babes. Cast top-flight magic spells ’cause why not? This isn’t for me, though. Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer to see my heroes go through their fair share of troubles. Otherwise, victory just feels hollow.

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