Plunderer Ep. 17: There’s someone out there for everyone

Even if you become a mass murderer.

Hina’s about to bite it when Jail and his team manage to get the backup generator going. As a result, Licht’s edgy transformation is a success. Time to become an army that doesn’t kill, right? Hah…

— So Licht gets his sword and saves Hina. He downs all of the helicopters and the soldiers in a single flash. He somehow manages not to kill anyone, but he also manages not to subdue them. This will be important for later.

— Naturally, Hina watches him with awe. Apparently, being a peeping tom is only a “little bit perverted.”

— The kids try to celebrate when all of the soldiers get back on their feet and reveal the C4s strapped to their torsos. Licht quickly uses his super speed to destroy the remote activator, but the head soldier now claims that there’s a bomb hidden on campus. It’s not just any bomb, though. It’s a nuclear bomb!

— So uh, just destroy the activator again? All of a sudden, this is not possible. The head soldier tells Licht that if he makes even the slightest movement, they’ll detonate the bomb. But if our hero instead opts to kill them, then he can prevent the detonation. Huh? We literally just saw him stare at bullets frozen in place. You’re telling me that he now can’t stop someone from manually detonating a bomb? Licht is so fast that he is just a flash of light to the human eye. But we just have to roll with this for plot reasons. Frankly, I think the writer’s a hack, but I’ve been saying this for a while now.

Great animation.

Kids good, adults bad!

— Eventually, Licht flip flops on his own promise and kills all of the soldiers. Right before the head soldier succumbs to his mortal wounds, he admits that he was just lying about the nuclear bomb. Lulz.

Our hero comically runs off because he can’t face his classmates. He also doesn’t want them to see him breaking down. Hina naturally runs after him. Pele suggests that Lynn should do the same, but she seems to have already conceded in this war of love. Plus, she still has Pele as backup. Who doesn’t love being a consolation prize?

— Hina tries to comfort Licht, but it’s too late. Nana’s time traveling ability is wearing off. Gee, what a convenient time. More importantly, these schmucks didn’t accomplish anything. She sent them back into the past in order to do what? Try and save Licht? Well, about that…

— At this point, Licht finally realizes what he has to do: in order to prevent his classmates from having to bloody their hands, he’ll have to do it himself. So again, nothing has changed. Licht is going to murder thousands or millions — I’m not sure what. I guess this demonstrates the immutability of time?

— So what does Hina do? She strips. No, really. In her final moments with Licht, she decides that she needs get naked. Well, not completely.

— With her top off, she plants a big, wet one on Lichtright after he just puked too, so you know this is true love for all you people who won’t even kiss your SOs in the morning.

— Also, it’s amazing how Hina finally realizes that she loves Licht after after he makes the decision to murder millions. And for what? He’s doing this in order to protect his 10 to 20 classmates. Like c’mon, how is that a fair exchange? It’s not even easy to murder this many people. If you’re gonna put in that much effort, why not try to look for a peaceful solution? But I guess peace just isn’t possible… because kids good, adults bad!!!

— Right before Hina returns to her original time, she puts one of his hands on one of her breasts and tells him to remember this feeling. Oh honey, after you’re done murdering millions of people, put a baby inside me! Dude just got done taking human lives for the first time, and she’s telling him about all the baby-making they’re gonna do!

— Anyways, that’s it for the episode. You’ll have to wait till next week to see if Licht is gonna remember Hina’s promise to him and start pumping out mini-Lichts and mini-Hinas.

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