Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Ep. 3: The crush is getting too obvious

You wouldn’t go this far for just a friend, would you?

— We get to meet a new character this week, and she’s already drooling over Shinichi. But hey, if Hana gets to be eye-candy, it’s only fair that her counterpart is a beefcake.

— If you ask me, Ami is more my style despite Hana looking like she’s designed by a focus group, but that’s neither here nor there…

— In any case, it doesn’t take long for Master’s daughter to get hooked on Hana’s antics. That’s why we’re all here, right?

— Soon after, Shinichi falls gravely ill, but I dunno. They say “manflus” are a thing. Basically, guys tend to exaggerate even the simplest colds. Plus, it doesn’t help that he’s living the typical college guy life, i.e. no medicine on hand, empty fridge, so on and so forth. I lived that life. I know how it is. Even now, I tend to be super lazy and rely on my slow cooker more often than not.

— Luckily, Hana is here to the rescue. Thanks to Master, she now knows where he lives. Shinichi won’t ever get an ounce of privacy again.

— Can she really catch a 180cm guy falling on top of her? Kinda doubt it.

— I know girls are typically expected to be caretakers and nurturers in pretty much every culture out there, but Hana goes the extra mile for her senpai. She buys him meds, she goes grocery shopping, she cooks up a hot, satisfying meal, she spoon-feeds the guy, and last but not least, she even wipes him down. C’mon, just friends? Who are you kidding? This is serious time and commitment. You couldn’t get this kind of TLC for less than $100, probably.

— In any case, Hana is almost the perfect waifu. Almost. She should’ve gone home, but she couldn’t help herself now that she’s finally in his apartment. Hana just has to stay over and keep him up while gaming. But hey, if you want a gamer waifu, then she’s back to perfect again.

— By the way, I’ll pass on being wiped down by a cloth. I’d rather just take a shower. I know they say doing this might exacerbate your illness, but just dry yourself properly. Also, congee might as well be “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for Asians.

— Can you imagine a boss taking you out to Korean BBQ just because you’re no longer sick? I mean, I can’t even imagine a nice boss! But seriously, Hana might have a crush on Shinichi, but Master really cares about him too. Okay, sure, he and his daughter just want to observe the “couple” in action for their own amusement, but it’s still harmless.

— Yo, that meat should be on the bone.

— Shinichi is worried that rumors might spread if people spot Hana coming in and out of his place. It’s a valid concern… if people didn’t already think they were dating.

— When Hana realizes that Shinichi calls Ami by her first name, she gets moody. His excuse is that there are two Asai, so he has to distinguish between the two of them. Sure, but doesn’t he already just call the old man Master? Ah well.

— Hana’s solution? Hynotism. And when he plays along, her reaction is far from platonic. And like I said before, rumors have already begun to spread on campus. Shinichi may as well reap all of the benefits and have his kouhei come over everyday.

— There’s an extra scene after the credits just to hammer home the fact that Hana really trusts Shinichi. Apparently, he’s the only person who can hypnotize her. I know nothing about hypnotism, so I guess I can’t really comment on this.

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