Saturday’s Other Pile of Junk: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Ep. 5

Time to recruit a harem army.

— The episode starts with a flashback. First, we learn that Anos had a right hand man. Shin had also wished to be reincarnated, but it’s not entirely clear what ended up happening to him. Second, Kanon, the human hero, was also super OP, but he probably wasn’t anywhere near as strong as Anos. He’s just predictably very tenacious; he keeps coming back to life no matter how many times you kill him. Hm, just like a JRPG hero.

— Back in the present, Sasha’s hopes of netting a perfect score on their last exam is quickly dashed when Emilia informs them that the scepter they retrieved was conveniently stolen. But hey, Anos is OP, so he already knows who stole the scepter. He literally walks up to the culprit and yanks the scepter out of the guy’s chest. He then tells Emilia to try harder. Shouldn’t she be disqualified as a teacher for trying to screw her students over? Well, Anos is too OP to care.

Some girl by the name of Misa tries to stand up for Anos. After class, she starts telling him all about the Unitarians. To be honest, my interest piqued slightly here. I was like, “Yo, weren’t the Unitarians the crazy cult in Dead Space?” Alas, I am wrong. Those were the Unitologists. Unitarians, on the other hand, just don’t believe in the Holy Trinity. So what are about the unitarians in this universe? Well, they’re pretty much anti-classist. According to them, hybrid lives matter. Obviously, this makes them hugely unpopular with royalty.

— In any case, Misa takes Anos to meet his fan club in a rather phallic-shaped building, and they just happen to be all girls. All these girls, and not a single dude on campus likes him, huh? How odd.

— So what exactly does this fan club do? Apparently, they sit around and draw lewd pics of Anos. Yo, you guys know he’s like… two months old or something, right? One month? Meh, I guess shotacon is alive and well in the demon world. Obviously, I’m being sarcastic… or am I?

— Plus, if your goal is to unify the demon race, maybe there are more productive things to do.

— Misa then shows Anos her half of her family’s magic sword. Apparently, her father has the other half. Since he’s royalty and she’s a hybrid, they don’t get to be together. As a result, she’s fighting for a world that would allow her to reunite with her father. I guess I’m supposed to feel bad for her, but the show’s emotional storytelling isn’t particularly strong. The conflict between the two sides haven’t really been portrayed in an interesting way. We’ve mostly seen people try and pick on Anos to no avail. Plus, we just met Misa. I have no reason to be attached to her character yet.

— The hybrids are in this situation partly because they truly are weaker than their counterparts. As a result, their best chance of success is to beg Anos to let them join his team.

— We jump to a sword-training exercise. To even be taught, you have to prove yourself by pulling a magic sword out of the ground. Naturally, Anos does it with ease. Still, he confesses that there was one sword he can’t wield. Apparently, it was Kanon’s sword. So he can defeat a time god but a dinky sword can resist him? Kinda strange, isn’t it?

— The big surprise in this scene is that the transfer student also manages to do the same. In fact, the new guy also humiliates his instructor in the process. I started to wonder if the new guy is somehow the reincarnation of the human hero… but then why would he reincarnate into a demon? Well, it’s not such a crazy idea. They say we can become a butterfly in our next life… or a stinkbug. Funny how no one ever consider that they might become a tapeworm. It’s just like how most furries claim to be wolves…

— The new guy’s name is Ray, and even though he’s royalty, he wants to join Anos’s team. That’s rather suspicious. Maybe Ray is truly a nice guy with no bad intentions, but I kinda doubt it.

— Anyways, like with the fan club, our demon king needs to test Ray first. As a result, we get a pretty boring battle. Anos and Ray will face off against each other. Meanwhile, Anos’s waifus will take on his wannabe waifus. Yawn.

— One side summons a mobile castle, so the other side equips their castle with a huge fuck-off cannon. Cool. Meanwhile, Anos fends Ray off with nothing more than a twig.

— Even though he already has all those waifus, Anos can’t help but flirt with Ray. What a shameless man. I wonder if he’s gonna take Ray home and feed him mushrooms as well.

— In the end, the twin waifus win by combining their powers. Apparently, they’re stronger than ever because they had fused with their past selves. Shrug.

— Meanwhile, the battle between Anos and Ray is enough to make a mess of the world around them. Poor nature.

— Ray is getting stronger and stronger as the duel continues. In the end, however, Anos comes out on top, because… well, he’s Anos. The fact that he’s using a stick just adds insult to injury.

— Afterwards, Ray wonders if he has met Anos before. Anos suggests that they might have met 2,000 years ago. I started to wonder if Ray is then perhaps Shin’s reincarnation, but their personalities don’t match. Sure, a person can certainly change over the past 2000 years, but this is too extreme. So maybe he really is the human hero. Why he became a demon, however, remains a mystery. Maybe this is part of the hero’s great plan. Maybe this is his way of infiltrating the demon world in order to bring them down from the inside.

— Yeah, as dumb as it is to fight the god of time, it was still more exciting than whatever this episode gave us. I kinda sleepwalked through it.

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