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The Weekly Anime Roundup: Nyan Koi Ep. 6 and More

In addition to Nyan Koi!, we’ll also take a look at a show I haven’t seen before in Thriller Restaurant, revisit 11Eyes, see if the plot in The Sacred Blacksmith finally goes anywhere and finally, if we have time, maybe even peek at Kampfer again.

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Anime Potpourri


Alas, the beautiful masterpiece you see above is not my work. I typed “anime potpourri” into Google Images and shamelessly ripped the picture off this brilliant site. Forgive me for violating important anime blogging copyright laws… Ew, something smells.

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The Sacred Blacksmith Ep. 2: Someone call Sir Gunn.

Cecily is in need of some serious help.


Her poor breastplate cracked into just breasts and for some reason, Cecily likes to wear nothing underneath. Makes you wonder if she goes commando elsewhere too. Luckily for us viewers, Luke’s arm is just in the right place. This is a family show, y’see.

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