First Impressions: Ookami-san

Cat gloves. So wacky.

For a parody of “fairy tales such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper,’ etc.,” the first episode didn’t seem to do anything remotely clever (something about Cinderella). For a comedy, the first episode is as dull as the “watching paint dry” cliche. The characters aren’t even interesting either. This would make it a pretty bad first episode, right?

Somewhere, somehow, this show is probably gonna be popular thanks to its Flame Haze/Taiga hybrid tsundere for the female lead. Somewhere, somehow, non sequitur shit like the constant references to the heroines’ flat chests and Ookami’s cat gloves are probably considered top comedy.

Last and definitely least, we have a pathetic boy lead who’s literally scared of stares. His only merit is stalking the poor girl (hey, kinda like Edward!) and being a dumb meat shield. Forget the fact that he’s utterly average in every respect and forget the utter absence of any chemistry between him and the girl even from the outset. Since he took a pipe to the back for her, it means raburabu! It must be easy to take a hit to the back though when you have no spine whatsoever.


Maid-sama’s Filler Episodes

Life is full of distractions. Between the World Cup, the NBA finals, finding a cheap apartment in San Francisco, summer classes and so on, I haven’t really bothered with blogging. To be honest anyway, while there are good shows this season, I’m not dying to watch any of them when things get hectic around me; after eight hours on campus and another hour on the goddamn 405, I just want to sleep. Shrug. Let’s get to the last anime I saw.

Maid-sama! is still rolling along and I think this is a mistake.

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