Final Thoughts on No Longer Human

I’ve come to dread writing about Aoi Bungaku as it usually leaves me disappointed. I could spend an hour diving into both the novel and the anime to write an entry, but I’d get more than twice as many views had I written about some trashy harem anime instead. After seeing the last episode of the No Longer Human arc, however, I guess it deserves one last entry.

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Nyan Koi Ep. 4: Still more boobs than cats.


Take two shots for every different angle of Mizuno jumping across that high bar. I counted nine which makes me think Michael Cimino must have found his way to Japan. If you really want to kill yourself, add a shot for every sparkle on the screen. She glitters almost as much as Edward Cullen. I wonder, however, if Mizuno has the skin of a killer or just the skin of a horribly boring and generic harem girl? Hmm, tough question…

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