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Update: Saki Stagnates


I’ve had harsh words for shamelessly horrible abortion of an anime Saki in the past, but I’ve been keeping up with the series anyway both because it’s important to know your enemy and because I actually enjoy mahjong. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s watched a Gonzo show that that Saki’s story starts dumb and only gets worse; this week Miyanaga unlocked more of her true mahjong-playing power by taking off her shoes. But more disturbingly, what passes for the “meat” of the show has also begun to decline. I ran some numbers and, well, things look grim.

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Final Thoughts on the Spring 09 Anime Season

I'll admit... pic's sort of creepy without context.

It’s July and we’re way deep into summer, but the summer shows are barely starting so I figured we should close the book on spring 09 definatively. I’ll do that by taking a look at the “Dengeki Top 2009 Spring Anime Rankings.” Usually, news items are tucked away in the bottom left corner since I don’t want them drawing too much attention away from the actual blog itself. I have a few comments to make about these rankings, however, so here’s a dedicated entry. Oh yeah, the source is Sankaku Complex.

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This World is Corrupt: Saki

Hanamura-san, let's go to the nationals!What are perverted manchildren around the blogosphere saying about a cartoon? Why on earth would you want to know? I can’t help you with that second question, but here’s a bit about the first. (Also the site’s ‘About’ section has been updated with a brief introduction to my writing, if you have an opinion on anime, good or bad, you owe it to yourself to read it) Continue reading