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Yuri, Yaoi, and Sasameki Koto Suck


Normally I would wait for more than two episodes to come out before I pass this kind of judgement, but like everything else this season Sasameki Koto is so hopelessly wrapped in cliches that its fate is a foregone conclusion.

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Update: Saki Stagnates


I’ve had harsh words for shamelessly horrible abortion of an anime Saki in the past, but I’ve been keeping up with the series anyway both because it’s important to know your enemy and because I actually enjoy mahjong. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s watched a Gonzo show that that Saki’s story starts dumb and only gets worse; this week Miyanaga unlocked more of her true mahjong-playing power by taking off her shoes. But more disturbingly, what passes for the “meat” of the show has also begun to decline. I ran some numbers and, well, things look grim.

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It’s Anime Watching, Fast Foward Edition

Because as much as I love anime, I can’t honestly be expected to watch every damn thing that comes out. This is especially true when they’re not just shounen but blatantly for little kids. First up is Element Hunters, so dull that even 3x speed couldn’t keep my interest. Then why bother, you ask? Just to be complete.

Element Hunters

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