The End of Nyan Koi! and Kampfer

Nyan Koi! 12

No interesting arc or anything — the first season just ends with almost nothing resolved. Great, Junpei won’t be a cat for now but he’s still cursed and I guess he still has a harem. Speaking of which, talk about a cop-out reason to keep Sumiyoshi in the picture.

“Well, golly, I should ask Santa for a new guy to lik- WHAT’S THAT? JUNPEI IS NAKED? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.”

Did any of the characters even grow one bit throughout the course of the show? Oh right, Mizuno doesn’t squeeze the stuffing out of cats anymore. I guess what happened back in episode one counts as character development.

Kampfer 12

These characters are so disposable. Oh sure, it’s really just their stuffed animals controlling their bodies, but like that really makes a difference.

Cosplay? Breast biting? Want to see the girls beat the hell out of each other? This show was crap and even the creators knew it was crap. Otherwise, they’d never even try something like this. Imagine if the girls of Clannad started slutting it up and beating the living tar out of each other for no reason whatsoever — (most) nerds would be fucking livid. Still, why bother going through the motions of having a plot? Why not drop the pretense from the very start and just be tits and asses groping each other for twelve episodes?

The ending to both these shows brings me way back to the old NES days. You know the game sucked ass, but dammit, you broke your piggy bank to rent it so you’re gonna get to the very end no matter what it takes.


7 thoughts on “The End of Nyan Koi! and Kampfer

  1. KizukuKanshi

    For Nyan Koi, I almost applauded just for the fact that for at least 1 or 2 seconds, one of the harem leads thought of moving on. That in itself is a rare occurrence. Besides, if anyone else is after a harem girl, the main harem guy will just bring them back anyway.

    For Kampfer, here’s a link.

  2. TriHeart

    I recommend yu guys to watch Darker Than Black. Even though plot is confusing and people killing each other with super powers it is much better than the above piece of s***

  3. Canne

    I seriously doubt if I’ll watch the second season of Nyan Koi. But considering the lack of interesting new anime coming next year, maybe I will :(


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