Summer 2014 Anime Preview: An eclectic mix as always


Hey look, it’s the obligatory seasonal preview post. By the way, Nyoron has come out of hiding to give us her blunt takes on these shows. Yay, I have some help for once! Oh by the way, her opinions of anime are like mine but on steroids.

The “Stuff That Looks Likes It’s For Kids” Tier

I definitely won’t watch any of these shows.

Minarai Diva

The “Shorts” Tier

I might watch one or two of these shorts, but I wouldn’t blog about them. If I can’t write at least 500 words on an anime, it doesn’t deserve a post.

Ai Mai Mi ~Mousou Catastrophe~
Strange+ 2
Yama no Susume Season 2
Yami Shibai Second Season

The “Sequels to Stuff I Have Never Watched” Tier

I generally do not like to jump into the middle of a story no matter how good it might be. I guess Free! technically belongs in this category, but if it wins the poll, I’ll make an exception for the anime.

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus
Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

Synopsis: A boy has enlisted the help of a demon butler to enact revenge on the people who had captured and tortured him.

My take: Apparently, previous anime adaptations had diverged from the original manga storyline. What a terrible thing to do, I know. In any case, this series will aim to remedy that little problem. Too bad I haven’t watched a second of Kuroshitsuji, and I don’t really see a point in starting now.

Nyoron’s take: Come on, anime. Are you even trying? When the word “shit” is in your title, you’re literally telling me the anime is going to be shit. I imagine this anime appeals to the members of NAMBLA.

Space☆Dandy 2
Space☆Dandy 2
Studio: Bones
PV: Here

Synopsis: A comedy series about a bunch of dimwits and their various adventures across the galaxy.

My take: Wasn’t interested in the first season, not interested now.

Nyoron’s take: So the dude in this picture looks like something is being rammed in his ass, or he’s reached an epiphany. Knowing anime though, it’s probably both. Oh, on an additional note, the anime will probably suck.

The “I Just Won’t Watch It For Some Reason or Other” Tier

This is where you guys get to accuse me of being close-minded. Have at it!

Studio: Kinema Citrus
PV: Here

Synopsis: A city guy is forced out of his element, but it’s okay! He’ll soon learn to love this quaint Japanese island he’s been exiled to. Oh yeah, he even befriends a young girl while he’s there!

My take: He befriends a young girl. Boy, can you imagine that? I sure as hell can’t imagine befriending a young boy, but a young girl, though? That’s perfectly A-OK. Hey, wait a minute… Kinema Citrus is producing this anime. It’s the Kinema Citrus, a.k.a. the wonderful folks behind the Black Bullet, spring season’s best anime! So we go from one series about a guy befriending a young girl to another series about a guy befriending a young girl. Man, what a coincidence! In any case, this is slice-of-life, so I’m sure it’ll be boring as hell.

Nyoron’s take: THANKS OBAMA.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal
Studio: Toei Animation
PV: Here

Synopsis: A classic mahou shoujo anime gets an update.

My take: Probably not my thing, but we’ll see.

Nyoron’s take: Recent anime has been, for a lack of a better word, lackluster. Famed animation studio Toei Animation has decided to pull out a classic and show new anime how it’s done. This will probably be the best anime on this list, a feat that I cannot describe as either funny or sad.

Fate kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
Studio: Silver Link
PV: Here

Synopsis: Some crappy Fate/stay night spinoff.

My take: In my experience, most spinoffs are worthless, especially if they feature magical girls. Gosh, I really like this universe and its characters, but if only there was a way to make it all about pubescent-looking girls doing stupid shit!

Nyoron’s take: No.

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita
Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.
Studio: feel.
PV: Here

Synopsis: A 4-koma about a pair of girls who become idols because one of their uncles requested it.

My take: Idols. ‘Nuff said.

Nyoron’s take: Probably the sound your pet makes as you fap to yet another slice-of-life anime featuring high school girls. This sound is usually followed up by your pet going for your throat.

Studio: Shaft
PV: Here

Synopsis: I’m sure we all know what the Monogatari series are all about by now.

My take: I’m not even going to touch this show with a ten-foot pole. Go tilt your heads elsewhere, Shaft.

Nyoron’s take: It looks shitty, and anyone who likes it is a shitty person.

Studio: Madhouse
PV: Here

Synopsis: Girl meets a fairy, who introduces her to the world of yosakoi dancing.

My take: Cute girls dancing, singing, and playing music. Pass. The animation from the PV looks nice, but seriously, this show couldn’t possibly be any further from my interests.


Studio: feel.
PV: Here

Synopsis: A guy is assigned to the advice column of his school newspaper. He gets to work with three other girls.

My take: The PV makes it look about as interesting as paint drying. I can’t find anything else on the internet to suggest that this show is even remotely worthwhile to watch.

Nyoron’s take: This is the sound your friends make when you show them yet another slice-of-life anime that features yet another bland cast of high school students. For fuck’s sake, man, you are 40 and still watching this shit. High school has been over for decades.

Majimoji Rurumo
Majimoji Rurumo
Studio: J.C. Staff
PV: Here

Synopsis: Guy tries to help some loli demon become a witch again, but it’ll come at the cost of his own life.

My take: The heroine looks creepily young like so many heroines this season. I’m sure I wouldn’t find this anime’s comedic hijinks very funny either, so I’m going to have to pass. A pity, I know.

Nyoron’s take: Not as good as Harry Potter.

Momo Kyun Sword
Momo Kyun Sword
Studio: Tri-Slash / Project No. 9
PV: Here

Synopsis: Anime has taken Momotaro and turned him into a girl with a huge rack. Just anime things…

My take: That’s how it is nowadays. You can’t get people interested in folklore anymore unless you’ve got shiny tits flopping every which direction.

Nyoron’s take: Of course Japan is obsessed with turning men into women.

Nobunaga Concerto
Nobunaga Concerto
Studio: I have no clue.
PV: I didn’t think I’d find a trailer for this show anyway.

Synopsis: Kid time-travels to the past and finds that he must become Nobunaga.

My take: There seems to be a law out there that every season must have at least one anime that is somehow related to Nobunaga’s dessicated corpse, both figuratively and literally. Anyway, I’m generally not interested in stories that are set in the past. I am especially not interested in Nobunaga anymore. Anime has succeeded in beating this dead horse into the ground.

Nyoron’s take: Japan gets bombed by the USA in WWII. Anything that happens before that is basically history.

Studio: Studio Pierrot
PV: Here

Synopsis: The new transfer student is forced to join a wacky club full of wacky activities.

My take: Probably just another brainless comedy. I doubt it has a plot, so I doubt I’ll watch it. Even if I did, I’d have nothing to say about it anyway.

Nyoron’s take: Probably the sound your neighbor makes as he slices your stomach in attempt to get you to stop watching these shitty high school slice-of-life animes. But you probably won’t.

The “Not Enough Information” Tier

I just don’t know anything about these shows to make my usual snap judgments.

Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu
Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu?
Studio: Fanworks
PV: Couldn’t find one.

Synopsis: Guy takes a keen interest in the art of dining.

My take: I think this is only going to be a four-episode OVA. The subject matter is actually something I’m interested in, so I’ll watch it… if anyone will actually bother to sub it. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t blog the show, though. It’s bad enough nobody read the Mushishi posts. I really doubt anyone would read the posts on this thing.

Nyoron’s take: This seems like a great anime for otakus or OCD people to watch. Finally, someone who empathizes with them.

Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen
Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen
Studio: XEBEC
PV: Here

Synopsis: Mecha anime about two warring sides. A guy saves a girl who’s being attacked. So, uh, what’s different about this mecha anime?

My take: The PV does not look very inspired. Those are some rather boring character designs as well. I can’t say much else about the show because there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information floating around out there. And as you can see, the premise is pretty generic. It’s written by a guy who doesn’t have much of a resume, either. I like Cat Soup, but how much of it can you attribute to him? Oh well… it’s a mecha anime, so I’ll check it out anyway.

Nyoron’s take: Probably about a love triangle, a floating girl, and some ugly mecha. The dude looks like a lady, though.

Tokyo ESP
Tokyo ESP
Studio: XEBEC
PV: Here

Synopsis: A girl acquires special powers and decides to use them to fight back against evildoers. They have special powers too!

My take: Like everything else in this tier, I can’t find much information on this show. Even the only PV I could dig up is only 16 seconds long. Basically, the show’s a complete wild card in my mind. Oh, I could check out the manga, but why ruin the fun!

Nyoron’s take: What is this girl on? She sees a flying penguin, then a fish goes through her and gives her magical powers. Sounds like LSD.

The “Bishies” Tier

I’ll watch one of these shows. One. See the poll below. Having said that, we all know which of these shows is going to win anyway.

Bakumatsu Rock
Bakumatsu Rock
Studio: Studio DEEN
PV: Here

Synopsis: Pretty boys from the Bakumatsu era try to rebel against a restrictive government by forming a rock band.

My take: As I watch the PV, I have to admit that these bishounens have very impressive hairdos. But c’mon, nobody needs me to cover this show. I just wouldn’t have anything to say about it. I won’t care for the setting, I won’t care for the characters, and I definitely wouldn’t like the music. So y’know, why bother?

Nyoron’s take: If Japan has to be saved by a group of these chucklefucks, it’s done for. Thank god for Admiral Yi and turtle boats.

Free! Eternal Summer
Free! Eternal Summer
Studio: Kyoto Animation
PV: Here

Synopsis: A bunch of pretty boys take a dip in the pool again.

My take: I’ve only watched a single episode of the first season, and I don’t even remember what I originally thought of the show back then. I actually know nothing about Free! Absolutely nothing. On the bright side, it doesn’t look rapey nor does it feature boring ass idols. Swimming could also be a potentially interesting topic. There’s just one problem: fuck KyoAni.

Nyoron’s take: No offense, but the way that one guy is holding his butt out, this looks like a sausage fest if you get what I mean. And I think you do know what I mean.

Love Stage!!
Love Stage!!
Studio: J.C. Staff
PV: Here

Synopsis: An actor fell in love with the main character when they were kids. Here comes the plot twist, though: he thought the main character was a girl. Now that he realizes that the main character is actually a boy, however, the actor is still undeterred! Well, that’s nice but…

My take: …the character designs look nasty as fuck. Not only that, the love interest looks like a rapist. Sure enough, the promo material looks rapey as fuck too. Why is it always one bigger, manlier-looking guy manhandling his lover? Cheap titillation, that’s what.

Nyoron’s take: See Free!

Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49-
Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49-
Studio: ZEXCS
PV: Here

Synopsis: Something about male idols honing their talents. Yawn.

My take: I don’t care about idols. It doesn’t matter if they’re cute or handsome, I just do not care.

Nyoron’s take: See Love Stage!!

DRAMAtical Murder
DRAMAtical Murder
Studio: NAZ
PV: Here

Synopsis: A guy who runs a junk shop gets pulled into the mysterious events on his home island. Well, murder is in the title, so it’s probably not hard to guess where this is going.

My take: As I watch the PV, I can’t help but notice that 99% of the characters are male. Well duh, it’s a BL series! But seriously, does that actually make a difference? Do you think I care that a show features homosexual romance? Of course not. Hell, it certainly doesn’t hurt to see romance from a different perspective. Nevertheless, why do these stories feel the need to remove the other gender completely? Do gay guys not have female friends? Likewise, can lesbians not have male friends? It just seems silly to me to create a world that is uniformly monogender. Having the opposite sex in the universe won’t “straight” it up. What’s the problem, then? I thus can’t help but think that these stories are good for nothing but cheap titillation.

Nyoron’s take: See Shounen Hollywood.

So anyway, here’s the poll. Vote away. I’ll only watch the winning show.

The “Harem Hill Fodder” Tier

I kind of played myself into a corner here. People will expect me to do Harem Hill every season, and sadly, I think I’ll have to oblige my readership of five dedicated souls.

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
Studio: Silver Link
PV: Here

Synopsis: Some kid gets to live alone in his incredibly cheap apartment. Big surprise there. Unfortunately, the apartment is haunted by a ghost who wants him to get out of her home. Before he knows it, mahou shoujos begin to show up and use his place as their battleground. Oh man, I sure do pity him!

My take: Just another generic harem anime that I’ll have to cover. Other than the designated big-boobed girl, the rest of them look creepily young, but that’s how it has always been lately. I don’t really know what else one can really expect from harem anime anymore.

Nyoron’s take: An original high school harem anime. Not like all those other high school harem animes.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
Studio: TNK
PV: Here

Synopsis: Something about elementalists and forming contracts with spirits. It’s a harem anime, so who really cares what it’s about?

My take: Ugh, just look at the artwork for the light novels. Also, if you take a peek at the show’s Wikipedia page, someone has spent a lot of time on it. Holy shit, the main character himself gets a mini-essay devoted to him. Hell, why even read Harem Hill? You guys can just read the Wikipedia page instead!

Nyoron’s take: If you read the synopsis, you see that a guy becomes the only male spirit elementalist. Spoilers: it is known that harem leads are actually girls.

The “Eh, It Looks Bad to Iffy” Tier

Basically, this is just me being a pessimistic bastard. But seriously, these shows will probably suck.

Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Studio: White Fox
PV: Here

Synopsis: A young, hapless villager is recruited into a group of assassins. They begin to form a resistance against the corrupt empire. How exciting.

My take: I can’t find a PV that shows me any plot. I guess I could spoil the story for myself by reading the character bios on the show’s Wikipedia page, but meh… Anyway, from the looks of it, Akame ga Kill! seems to have a pretty whatever premise. Not only that, the two leads do not appear to have any unique personality whatsoever. Seeing as how the female lead is an assassin, I bet the girl is cold, no-nonsense, and hard to talk to! But worry not! We’ll soon see her softer side, uguu.

Nyoron’s take: The lead girl looks like Akali and will probably die like a lil’ bitch like Akali. She will then whine that you stole her kill when she’s dead. She will not rush gunblade, and she will feed all game.

Studio: P.A. Works
PV: Here

Synopsis: A bunch of high school students learn to blow glass.

My take: The song in the PV sounds annoying as hell, and the characters look like everything else P.A. Works has ever done. The story sounds dull as fuck as well. To top it all off, the anime looks melodramatic as all hell. But really? Glass-blowing? What is this hipster shit? This just looks like yet another contemporary slice-of-life anime where high school kids take an interest in something quaint and steeped in tradition, and this totally makes them oh-so-different from their peers. Heh, I bet their classmates only care about grades or hanging out at some trendy hangout too! Ugh!

Nyoron’s take: Another shitty high school anime. She wants to blow glass, but by the end of this anime, she’ll probably be blowing dongs.

Rail Wars!
Rail Wars!
Studio: Passione
PV: Here

Synopsis: A guy and his friends play with trains.

My take: The PV makes the anime look like edutainment. I’m already yawning… I’ve personally never been interested in trains or anything with an engine. Sure, I drive a car. But I don’t really give it a second thought. Anyway, I can’t imagine finding myself too enthralled by this anime.

Nyoron’s take: Where’s a rail gun when you need one? Of course, this is full of high school kids. DO YOU TRUST A HIGH SCHOOL KID WITH DRIVING YOUR TRAIN?

Re Hamatora
Re: Hamatora
Studio: Lerche
PV: Here

Synopsis: Ordinary people dislike how mutants Minimum Holders, people with special powers, get all the perks in life. Some crazed maniac tries to turn everyone into a Minimum Holder in order to create his ideal world. It’s kind of like the X-Men but lamer.

My take: I tried to watch the first season, but I just couldn’t get into it. There was one overarching plot that the series stretched out over the entire season. As a result, I got to watch the main character solve a bunch of lame cases before important shit actually went down. Needless to say, the show failed to keep my interest. Honestly, the anime might be watchable if the narrative was just a touch more focused. I’ll take a look to see if anything’s changed in the second season, but I’m not holding out any hope for it.

Nyoron’s take: A special group of people with minor miracle powers or whatever. I’m gonna need a miracle if I’m gonna watch this anime.

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Studio: Studio Pierrot
PV: Here

Synopsis: Our shounen protagonist becomes a half-ghoul. He then probably fights full-ghouls. He’ll probably also fight the good guys as well because they think he’s a full-ghoul.

My take: I’ll check it out, but the PV gives me a cheap, pulpy action vibe. That doesn’t mean the anime can’t be entertaining, but I doubt it will be memorable or interesting to talk about.

Nyoron’s take: No doubt the creator of this manga thought he was being deep and edgy when he wrote this.

The “Sappy Romance That I Will Give Up On At The Last Minute” Tier

I just can’t help it, man. If romance protagonists weren’t all idiots, I’d actually finish one of these shows for once.

Ao Haru Ride
Ao Haru Ride
Studio: Production I.G
PV: Here

Synopsis: A guy and a girl used to be friends. Guy went away. Guy comes back. He now has a different name. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

My take: I take a look at the guy’s description on the show’s Wikipedia page, and sure enough, he’s an asshole: “His personality has also taken a turn, for he is now more masculine, sarcastic, and crude. In addition, he has extremely pessimistic views about himself and about his brother.” But here’s the best part: “…it is evident that Kou is still an overall kind person.” Uh-huh. New season, same old story. Girl will redeem a bad boy, but tears will be shed.

Nyoron’s take: This one will be an emotional rollercoaster as some guy attempts to switch his name in order to avoid his middle school stalker. But for some reason, he goes back to the same high school as his stalker. Perhaps he likes being chased.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Studio: Dogakobo
PV: Here

Synopsis: A girl is in love with a mangaka, but she botched her confession so he thinks she’s just a fan. Eventually, she becomes his assistant in order to get closer to him.

My take: C’mon, does the guy in the image above look like a high schooler to you? And c’mon, why not just make them college-aged students at the very least? Are you seriously trying to tell me that the guy goes to school and pens a shoujo manga all at the same time? Not only that, a magazine even publishes it? Not everything has to be about high schoolers, goddamn.


The “Haven’t I Already Watched This?” Tier

I’ll probably still watch them, though. But does anyone actually want me to blog about either of these retreads?

Persona 4 The Golden Animation
Persona 4 The Golden Animation
Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

Synopsis: Uh, it’s Persona 4. Okay, okay, I’ll give a better synopsis. A guy and his friends discover that they can summon mythical beings known as Personas to aid them in battle. They will then use said power to aid them in solving the string of unsolved murders plaguing the small town of Inaba.

My take: Y’know, I didn’t even think the first Persona 4 adaptation was all that bad. It was amusing enough until the incredibly drawn-out ending. I don’t really see the point in remaking the series just to include a few extra characters, but what do I know? Will this new series even promote significant sales for the game anymore, though? After all, I thought the point of the original adaptation was to promote Persona 4 The Golden to begin with. So what is this one for? Yeah, there’s Persona 4 Arena Ultimax coming out soon, but I sure as hell wouldn’t buy it just because I watched this latest adaptation. Plus, it annoyed me that the previous anime adaptation had failed to pick one of the girls to be the main character’s love interest. I don’t care who they pick, but it’s just lame to adapt a game with love sim elements just to, well, ignore all of the potential romantic options in the story. In any case, I doubt the remake will change anything on that front.

Nyoron’s take: Are you for real? I liked the game and the previous adaptation, but god dammit Atlus, I fucking hate you.

Psycho-Pass New Edit Version
Psycho-Pass New Edit Version
Studio: Production I.G
PV: It doesn’t really need one.

Synopsis: It’s a futuristic crime-thriller that is mainly about a criminal mastermind trying to bring down Japan’s society. I’d say more, but you’ve probably already seen the first season of the show.

My take: Those edits had better be extensive to make this re-airing remotely necessary. I’ll probably still watch it, though.

Nyoron’s take: An “edited version” probably means that it’s the exact same anime, but that hasn’t stopped otakus from buying the same exact thing before. I recommend this anim-… PSYCH. You should pass on it.

The “Looks Like It Might Be Okay” Tier

Might. Might. Last season, I stuck Gokukoku no Brynhildr, Hitsugi no Chaika, One Week Friends, and Black Bullet into this category. Boy, was I wrong or what! So yeah, watch me be dead wrong about the shows below as well.

Studio: A-1 Pictures / TOROYCA
PV: Here

Synopsis: Something about a hypergate to moon leading to the colonization of Mars, but eventually, war breaks out. Oh yeah, it’ll have mechas.

My take: For me, Urobochi is hit-or-miss. I liked Psycho-Pass… and… uh, I liked Psycho-Pass. Well then, I guess he’s been way more miss than hit for me. For what it’s worth, Urobochi works are generally interesting to talk about, even if I don’t always like them. The only exception is Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. That was a total snoozejob. Anyway, I can’t find too much information out there on this show. I suspect they can remain this tight-lipped on the plot since Urobochi’s name is attached to it.

Nyoron’s take: I can’t imagine this anime being good. Its tagline is trying to be all pretentious, but instead, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Zankyou no Terror
Zankyou no Terror
Studio: MAPPA
PV: Here

Synopsis: A terrorist attack strikes Japan. Who are the people behind it? Two kids, apparently.

My take: Oh boy, look at the big names leading this anime! Shinichiro Watanabe as the director! Yoko Kanno as the composer! This means the show will be good, right? Shrug… I’ll level with you guys. Out of this entire list, Zankyou no Terror probably has the highest chance of being watchable. Having said that, I just can’t get excited for yet another story about a bunch of kids. I’ll watch it, I’ll analyze it, I’ll probably even enjoy it, but then I’ll wonder what it could’ve been. For what it’s worth, the animation in the PV looks alright.

Nyoron’s take: I found that if an anime has a tagline, it’s probably shitty. No Zankyou!

The “This Gary Stu Anime Deserves a Tier of Its Own” Tier

Gary Stu is life. Gary Stu is forever.

Sword Art Online 2
Sword Art Online II
Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here

Synopsis: Our Gary Stu farts around in yet another MMO, but this time, he’s playing as a girl character. What? Do you have a problem with that, you transphobic shitlord? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

My take: I’ve already written my love letter to SAO. I’ll thus save my energy for when the sequel finally graces us with its splendor. But please, Kirito-chan, don’t put your handgun next to one of your ears!

Nyoron’s take: Something that a MMO-addict would no doubt appreciate as they proudly show their friends that playing a female character is okay. I hope the MMO is Harry Potter Online Adventures since the main character seems to be dressed in a school girl outfit.


54 Replies to “Summer 2014 Anime Preview: An eclectic mix as always”

  1. My body is ready for the secong coming of cyber-jesus!
    All seasons lately have been quite lackluster, but there’s always a hidden jem I hope.

      1. I’ll only watch Free!s2 because reasons, the Kuroshitsuji thingy, Ao Haru Ride(I’ve read the manga but it’s meh) and I’ll check out DRAMAtical Murder and tokyo Ghoul.
        Out of those, I only have expectations for Tokyo Ghoul and Kuroshitsuji. Now we wait for them to be crushed.

        1. I’ll watch everything, because as you can see, I have no expectations. That way, I’ll be pleasantly surprised when something turns out to be decent. Like Ping Pong was for me this season.

  2. Looks like the anime summer chart this year is really sucking for the most part(but we’ve seen worst seasons).

    The main things I’m kinda looking at right now is akame ga kill and tokyo ghoul since I’ve been following both of the comics since they started. They may come off as generic-ish shonens at first but they’re actually pretty good(at least imo), but it depends on how well they are adapted(If done well, akame may become the next overrated series like attack on titans, I just hope the studios dont screw it up).

    Persona4golden…seriously? I know atlus is trying to milk off the success of the persona4 game with all they got but was a complete 24+ episode remake really needed for the new game port, it could have easily been an OVA special or something.

    And SAO, did this show really deserve a second season? I just can’t decide, I’m mixed between completely skipping the show or watching it just to see how bad and unintentionally hilarious it can be. I might just take the safe route and skip it since it might end up being so bad that it’s not even funny and I kinda have a low tolerance for gary-stu’s so I might pop a blood vessel if I see to much kirito again…

    1. A shitty series like SAO doesn’t even deserve to be adapted in the first place, but since so many people seem to like it, the second season was already a given. I probably won’t watch it but I’m really looking forward to the posts.

      1. imo, SAO is the twilight of anime. It isnt the worst show in existence but there’s just something about awful shows having huge annoying fanbases that makes me hate it even more than the usual pile of crap.

        I’ve been on more than a few anime related forum and I find it disturbing how many people refer to SAO as a masterpiece then dismiss the shows that are actually good..

      2. I will probably be watching sailor moon and space dandy.. SAO2 why not, i watched the first season, i switch off my brain for that, the incest part was pretty bad though but he wont be a gary stu if he didnt have a harem + a sister as well.
        Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah.Zero, i be keeping an eye on them.
        Re: Hamatora <- is this a sequel? remake or what? just gonna watch it for a couple of episodes before deciding..

        @kaoknight : Thanks , i keep an eye on akame ga kill, i guess

        1. I actually really liked sailor moon as a kid, but as I got older I seriously started to hate the whole mahou shoujo genre, but it’s nice that a classic is getting a remake(hope the dont mess it up).

          I still havent watched space dandy season 1 yet but I will later along the road.

          re:hamatora is most likely a sequel(the unnecessary re: part confused me too at first, they should just call it season 2 like everyone else) but from what I heard on the forums it seems like not many people like the show.

        2. I see, thanks guys.
          Strange… why do they called it RE? Cant they called it a Hamatora 2 or something like that like every other normal people?
          I enjoy space dandy, it was silly, it was whacking and each episode is a stand-alone. Some of the episodes are weak, some are alright, i do however agreed it had been overhyped.

    2. Akame Ga Kill has better developed characters which makes up for it’s generic plot & over the top evil empire. Also most AGK fans I know are fans of standard shonen action who are dissatisfied from top manga like Bleach & Naruto turning worse & worse every week. At least that type of audience will be happy with it.

      1. yeah, the thing I like the most about Akame is that it’s like a shonen that doesnt follow the usual annoying tropes/cliches in other generic shonens like one piece, bleach and naruto where you’ll see the training montages, random power-ups/transformations and the infamous “power of friendship” asspulls that’ll win any hopeless battle. while in akame ga kill there is no such thing as plot armor, people will die at any time, it’s almost like an anime version of game of thrones.

        I must agree though, akame’s villains evilness can be cartoonishly over the top and sometimes overdone.

        1. Are we reading the same manga? AgK has exactly the same amount of plot armour, inconsistencies, badly characterized villians and powerups we see in other Shounen. The MC and Akame are as safe as it can get, the only people who die form the main group are the ones who joined after the core members and the one guy needed to give the MC his powerup. Compared to odler Shounen the deathtoll isn’t really high either and if you just replace the words “kill” with another adjective you realize really fast that the same story devices are used in AgK as well. They just use an edgier way by adding “kill” to everything. Even the “gore” is not THAT present except for a few chapters written solely for shock value – I mean, that loli torture chapter was just unneeded… overall i’d say series like Deadman Wonderland had roughly the same amount of gore in manga form.
          Overall AgK is not really outstanding for me. it is an average manga that comes along every few seasons/years and gets highly popualr because it disguises its average storytelling in an edgy facade. Not bad by all means, but people with almost no experience should stop calling it the most unique thign ever because it is their first edgy Shounen….

          And comparing it to Game of Thrones? Are you nuts? If you had at least chosen something like LotGH…

        2. @durr

          I’ll admit AGK has it’s faults, I said before that “akame’s villains evilness can be cartoonishly over the top and sometimes overdone” and alot of the gore/violence is just for cheap shock value(in later chapters the overabundance of murder, rape and torture is unnecessary overdone when the audience already gets the point that the villains are just plain evil).

          You’re right, tatsumi and akame actual have thick plot armor compared to the rest of the cast but at least AgK is not doing the same thing as attack on titan whereas only the loser characters get killed off while the MAIN cast is perfectly safe no matter. As I was following the manga I actually felt suspense for most of the character(and even some of the likable villains) who’ve raised a bunch of death flags.

          I compared this to game to thrones because GoT also uses death as a cheap substitute for drama and when one dies they are easily replaced by the “new guys”. I know this is still a “typical” shonen in many ways but it’s kind of a breath of fresh air compared to the usual things we get in a season.

    3. And SAO, did this show really deserve a second season?

      I’m sure “deserve” has nothing to do with it. Was SAO profitable? All signs point to yes. So I’m not surprised it got a sequel. Hell, it might even be feeding some poor animator out there, so it might deserve to see the light just for that alone. This still wouldn’t stop me from mocking the show, though.

      1. well, now that I think about that way, let those animators provide for their family. It just sucks that SAO is the medium they have to resort to.

    4. >I actually really liked sailor moon as a kid, but as I got older I seriously started to hate the whole mahou shoujo genre, but it’s nice that a classic is getting a remake(hope the dont mess it up).

      I always am curious when people bring this up. How many Mahou Shoujos have you seen.

  3. Why isn’t there a ‘none’ option for the poll?
    Your commentary on bishi anime was awful and lazy (same with harem hill). Don’t bother again next season.

    1. Honestly if you found it boring it’s because the bishie stuff is pretty boring. There’s just nothing to do with it. Maybe this stuff will be different.

    2. Your commentary on bishi anime was awful and lazy (same with harem hill).

      Sure. You’re entitled to your opinion. And now that you’ve said your piece, I’m also entitled to not hear it again.

    1. The actual sequel of Psycho-Pass is the season after next. The re edit version of S1 is coming first as some sort of prep.

  4. also i read the the manga and this sailor moon going to be dark and violent since it based on the manga unlike the original

  5. Of course we are going to watch SAO.
    Not watching SAO is as bad as telling your friend you don’t know what Dragon Ball is.
    Also, playing as female character is totally normal in MMORPG, people should be able to self-insert themselves in gary Stu just fine.

  6. I am extremely interested in Aldnoah Zero, although largely because Takako Shimura of Wandering Son fame is doing the character designs. Also Zankyou no Terror: Are We Making The 9/11 Imagery Obvious Enough Yet? because I don’t know, it looks interesting.

  7. i do not know which of the harem shit shows is gonna torture you more, i am uncertain what to vote for…

  8. “I think I’ll have to oblige my readership of five dedicated souls.”
    HAha! True, you’re kinda stuck with us.

    I wonder if DRAMAtical Murder has so many votes because it’s the only fujoshi show to have an image of the leads actually kissing. Not just kissing my tonguing it passionately too. If it does win I hope it doesn’t turn out to just be soft core porn, since that’s how anime works these days. It’s either “EEK! OUR HANDS TOUCHED! O///O” or “Get that sweet ass in my tentacles”.

    “Are you for real? I liked the game and the previous adaptation, but god dammit Atlus, I fucking hate you.”
    Oh, Nyoron, saying what all us Atlus fans have been saying over this mess. The company has officially milked P4&3 to the point it’s just spurting blood, but that won’t stop Atlus from clutching at those utters anyway.

    SAO will be a fun to read you rip, no doubt, but the one truly irritating thing to me is that horrible, lazy gun handling. That’s not how and where to remotely hold a gun. Just bugs me.

    Well anyway, I can tell this season will be great. Not “zombie rape dragon”/”Matrix angel harem” great, but great.

    1. I wonder if DRAMAtical Murder has so many votes because it’s the only fujoshi show to have an image of the leads actually kissing.

      Or maybe people just want me to rant, and I’m less likely to rant about Free!

  9. …is it a bad sign if I think female!Kirito’s good-looking?

    I do find it… well, not really interesting, but it certainly did occur to me that, gee, Kirito seems sensibly garbed but that other girl in the picture isn’t at all. Man, bros, what the fuck is up with that outfit? I mean, yeah, hurr hurr, perving on 2D girls, but, still, what the fuck?

    TL;DR – SAO II is just Otoboku with guns

  10. Dude, I love all of your stuff but I feel like your talents are kind of wasted on Harem Hill. Seriously though, this is one hell of a lackluster summer list. The only show I’m watching will literally be the Psycho Pass reboot, and I’ve already seen the damn thing.

    1. You say it’s wasted, but it’s not as though writing about Harem Hill is keeping me from doing anything else. I’m still writing about all the other shows.

  11. today we will have the preair of sailor moon crystal so we finally will know about what to expect from the show before it will air in July 5

  12. Urobuchi is only writing three episodes of Aldnoah.Zero, at least according to his AX panel.

    Which means he’s probably outlined the basic idea of the story but is content to let other people handle it. Which is the same thing that happened with Gargantia, although this show is clearly going for a darker tone.

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