Spring 2015 Preview Something or Other

spring time 2

Fancy preview post? I’m afraid this is the best that I can do. Let’s get to it.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru Zoku

bad show 1

Antisocial kid gets the golden opportunity of the lifetime to hang out with the school’s prettiest girl? Sure. And tomorrow night, I’m flying to the moon. Not gonna watch it, since I never watched the first season.


bad show 2

Girl can see ghosts. I bet it’s not as scary as them Tokyo ghouls, though…

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

creepy pedo shit 1

…bahahaha, nah.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka?

bad show 3

Her name is Eyes. EYES. Because you ain’t lookin’ at her eyes are ya? Yo, up here, buddy. Pfft, all men are the same. Anyway, looks like another generic sword and slash adventurer anime–… “He later encounters Hestia, a god called a ‘Lolita god’ due to her stature who falls in love with him.” WELP I’M FUCKING SOLD.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu

bad show 4

Spinoff of Haruhi for some reason. There are sill Haruhi fans, I guess.

Vampire Holmes

bad show 5

Uh, this is apparently based on a game. And the Holmes in this universe is like the opposite of Sherlock Holmes or something? So why even name him Holmes? I’m going to make a story about anime Lincoln, but he’ll be a plantation owner with five slave wives.

Shokugeki no Souma

bad show 6

Graduation rate at this pimp culinary school is only ten percent. What you find here is not true culinary skill, but a school that has somehow managed to convinced people to enroll even though they’ll just fail and be forced to come back the next year. Cash money, son. I’ll watch it though if it’s got some silly, over-the-top bullshit.

Jewelpet: Magical Change

creepy pedo shit 2

Some trash show.


creepy pedo shit 3

More bug-eyed trash.

Kyoukai no Rinne

bad show 7

Another girl can see ghosts, but this time, she disappeared for a few years or something. Like Rydia. Or Lulu. It’s cool that she disappeared during some very important developmental years and came back perfectly adjusted. She should thank her lucky stars. And now, she gets the golden opportunity to fall in love with some generic hero, because she should totally have a full grasp on her femininity by now after spending years with some annoying ghosts.

Denpa Kyoushi

bad show 8

NEET kid is somehow also a super genius, so he gets to become a teacher without any prior training or any clue with how to interact with people. Sweet! I’m also waiting for life to hand everything to me on a silver platter instead of admitting that I have serious problems with addiction!

Owari no Seraph First Season

only little boys left

The title of the anime already has “First Season” built into it. That’s a bit presumptuous! Nah, the truth is that the show’s going to run in two split cours, a.k.a. this should really be one series, but other shows got away with it, so we want to do it too. So what’s the story? Uh, virus kills all the adults in the world. NAMBLA quivers with anticipation.

High School DxD BorN

bad show 10

A sequel that I won’t watch! Yay!

Gunslinger Stratos

bad show 11

Japan has split into two future powers! One of which is a lawless society! Anyway, I almost thought this was related to Gunslinger Girl. Phew! It’s A-1 Pictures though, so it’ll probably still suck.

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Again

super mega bad show holy shit

Oh goodie, another season where Fate fans say how much I suck because I don’t adore their series.

Plastic Memories

plastic shit

Something about androids eventually dying, so a guy has to retrieve them. The synopsis, however, ends cryptically with “but….” But he locks himself in a room and starts banging them right, right? May as well. All these hot android babes will soon be lost… like tears in the rain…

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions

bad show 12

Another crappy Uta no Prince-sama sequel. It was novel the first time around. Now? Well…

Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono: Spin-off Puru Purun Sharumu to Asobou

slice of shit

Slice of life shit.

Kekkai Sensen

disappointing bones show

Something about New York and the netherworld. If the main character doesn’t show a demon how to eat of slice of New York-style pizza, I don’t even want to watch.

Arslan Senki

bad show 13

Something about an initially wimpy-looking kid eventually growing up and proving himself in order to win back his kingdom. It doesn’t sound terribly exciting.

Baby Steps Some More

nothing like tennis

Kei Nishikori is doing pretty well, but it was unfortunate that he ran out of gas against Cilic. I even feel like Cilic won’t do anything noteworthy for the rest of his career. Kei should at least finish in the top four at most major tournaments. Ah well. Oh right, Baby Steps 2… uh…

Show By Rock!!

creepy pedo shit 4


Ame-iro Cocoa

bad show 14

I don’t know what this is. Cute boys falling in love with each other? Sounds boring. I wouldn’t even watch it if were cute girls instead. It’s not that romance is bad. It’s that I don’t expect anything but this plastic, sterile sort of romance from anime. No sex, no family, no passion, no pain, no tears, no anything. Just pretty people acting out gutless dialogue. I can get my fix from reading relationship forums if I wanted that sort of thing. There’s nothing that these shitty shows can offer me.

Hello! Kin-iro Music

creepy pedo shit 5


Teekyuu Fourth Season

creepy pedo shit 6

Wow, even worse than Baby Steps. Pedo Steps.

Takamiya Nasuno Desu!

creepy pedo shit 7

And somehow, it gets a spinoff in the same season.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

bad show 15

Girls join a club and fight each other? So what’s different?

Hibike! Euphonium

kyoani shit

Wow! A “Definitely Not K-On!” skin! THANKS RIOT FOR GIVIN US SILLY SKINS!

Triage X

just be a porno already

Big-boobied trash. Apparently, they’re nurses during the day, assassins by night, and they’ll twerk their victims to death if the pose of the girl on the left is anything to go by.

Ore Monogatari!!

she should have been ugly too

He has a golden heart! And he’ll use that golden heart to win the cutest girl around, proving that looks truly don’t matter!

Houkago no Pleiades

arent you guys sick of drawing little girls yet

Trash. Plus, it’s Gainax, so it’s like trash squared.


shit on all myths


Punch Line

you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain

MAPPA goes slice of life. Everyone eventually has to make money, right? Maybe it’ll be go–…

Urawa no Usagi-chan

are you this gullible

Disclaimer: No cute girls will actually be found in Urawa City.

Nisekoi 2

misogynist shit


Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki

its gonna be harem

Another season for Sidonia no Kishi to dance perilously between sci fi and harem in space…

Saint Seiya: Ougon Tamashii soul of gold


I hear this show is fucking popular as hell in Brazil.

Grisaia no Meikyuu

pretentious harem

Winner of the Moe Awards! Yes! I can’t wait to abuse girls back to perfect mental health!

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

lol gender roles

Guy kisses girl! They swap bodies! They proceed to… likely do nothing interesting. There’s probably a hentai out there that has explored this concept better.

Ninja Slayer

you want it to be good dont you

Trigger is done adapting shitty light novels that nobody cares about. They hope you’ll care about this one!

Grisaia no Rakuen

pretentious harem

Yo, we already covered you. Get the fuck out of here.

Digimon Adventures tri



48 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Preview Something or Other

  1. Akumaten (@a9ma10)

    I may check out the Nagato Yuki-chan show and Ninja Slayer.
    Digimon Adventues Tri is a must watch for me. Please don’t suck ;_; (looking at Digimon Zero Two and Digimon Frontier) You have 10-15 years to set up a good story

  2. Ax_v

    My girlfriend and I have taken a break from anime for awhile, and then we decided to start back up with the Spring season, because it was already halfway through the Winter when we decide this. Somehow I feel that we could wait one more season. I’m kinda glad we got back into it though, so I can enjoy reading your blogs again lot

  3. Anonymous

    Whaat? is this really all there will be this season?
    Nothing even looks particularly decent, ugh. But I look forward to your nisekoi 2 writings huehuehue

    1. Anonymous

      Watch Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. I thought it would be shit, but it’s good. Good social psychology, monologue, everyone’s favorite MC of all anime, I don’t smell any harem bullshit. It’s like a good book with terrible cover that gives people like E Minor the wrong idea.

      1. Anonymous

        I watched the first season. While better than the average harem/slice of life anime, I still don’t think it’s anything special.

        1. S&P

          I think it’s quite decent. It understands the mindset of your typical cynical smart-ass teen, and chips away at their defenses little by little. It doesn’t justify or glorify it, far from it, and the protagonist knows he’s being an idiot, but he quite likes where he’s at. It does have some typical LN BS, like a trap character, a single sensei, and a chuunibyou, but the character writing of the MC and one of the 2 girls is very strong, imo.

          Honestly, E Minor, if you have some time (I know you’re killing yourself at work), I suggest you give it a try. Better time waster than Digimon, at least :P

          As for me, I’ll also watch Sidonia, F/SN’s fights and Lupin III, which I hope will be good fun. Melon Cat Guy has reasonably high expectations for Arslan (originally novels written by the LoGH guy -> adapted into manga by the FMA girl -> anime), so I’ll keep an eye on that too. But yeah, doesn’t look like there’s much ambition here.

          1. E Minor Post author

            I typically avoid sequels to shows I haven’t watched because it’s a big drama magnet. On the rare occasions that I do watch these shows, I always start off by saying “I haven’t watched the first season blah blah blah, these views are based only on what I know blah blah blah.” But instead of just taking what I say with a grain of salt — and really, we all have our biases so everything should be taken with a grain of salt — people get outrageously riled up as if their very honor has been besmirched. AUGH U HAVENT WATCHED THE FIRST SEASON HOW CAN U EVEN DFLKEJLWKJLDFJFOSDIULERJ

            Anyway, I’ve made exceptions before and watched certain sequels… but this isn’t going to be one of them.

        2. S&P

          Oh, assumed you’d binge watch the first season. (Hey, S1 would only last 2h30 at speed 1.5x!) Yeah, if you don’t plan to, imo it wouldn’t be gratifying to just jump in, not only because of those swell dudes’ response, but because the experience would be less engaging. You’d quickly get what the show is doing and where it’s going, but without firsthand experience of the work done by the narrative in terms of how it presents the characters and makes them progress as they reevaluate, change or reinforce their worldviews; it’d be less fun for you. Well, I doubt you’d enjoy that show all that much anyway! So whatevs.

  4. Anonymous

    I was hoping there’d be some sort of good thing to watch, but nope. Well, I’ll be more productive for sure.

  5. Baphomet

    The artist for the cooking manga has a porn background, so yes, it will have silly, over-the-top bullshit like girls literally orgasming over food and old, skinny monks renouncing their faith by ripping their clothes off just to get some of that heavenly delicious food.

    Too bad the majority of the time it’s a battle shounen.

  6. exof954

    “Oh goodie, another season where Fate fans say how much I suck because I don’t adore their series.”
    …So I guess there’s not gonna be any posts for this season? Or did I overlook something?

  7. Innocent Shota

    “No sex, no family, no passion, no pain, no tears, no anything.”

    Bruh, Hentai will satisfy all yo needs.

    1. spectreandy

      But the sales of LNs and the contract of adaptations tho’.

      These retards don’t care about being classy and contribution to the medium; all they care about is how much money they can squeeze out of something before they can move onto their next thing (ie re-hashing).

  8. Akeem

    Please , please, please try Kekkai Sensen & oregairu (Yahari Ore no….). from your ask fm I know your schedule is tighter so I don’t expect you to be able to, but I might as well try.

    “I hear this show is fucking popular as hell in Brazil”. ( I heard the same thing too, it was really surprising. It doesn’t even have an English dub so I had never heard of it)

  9. Sn

    Woah, it was about time they stopped all those boring plots for Digimon and instead turn back to the origins of the series, I mean, managing a group of adventurers with equal importance to the plot instead of the main boring guy and his two more interesting sidekicks! Mmh, Ninja Slayer sounds interesting, in the way it is not like the other shows of this season! But the plot sounds way darker than the cover of the anime makes it seem, I just hope Trigger doesn´t lose its way making it….

  10. spectreandy

    I’m expecting as much from Re-Kan! as I do for every other supernatural-themed show. Y’know, your share of yuki-onna, kappa, “eyeball”-ghosts and random dead people with those triangle-shaped bandanas. But seeing how it’s a cute chick as the main character, I’m pretty sure she’s not exorcising them like a queen-bitch. Also, those cute smoke-ghosts. How is this going to differentiate itself from Natsume no Yuujin?

    Hey Triage-X. There’s this thing called “hentai”. This hentai-thing shows raw tits, ass and vag and are largely animated better than most prime-time shows to date.
    I can’t wait for meh cock-teasing, bath scenes, punching-bag bouncing tits, and other risque shenanigans that High School of The Dead already did. But guyzzz, there’s sexy nurses that kinda know how to use weapons in this one. That’s enough right? Just like how HSoTD had teens with big tits and weapons knew how to survive in an apocalyptic zombie setting. Couldn’t the writer just make a spin-off that was related with the main-series instead of starting one that just appeals to the most basic and oldest audience. Like really? Doctors and nurses of all things? Why not put in a 90’s catgirl and an 90’s megami while we’re at it?
    Also, MC and multiple chicks with different cup-sizes. Oh wow, I wonder how this will turn out. I’m sure, they’ll leave poor MC-kun alone with his one and only high school sweetheart. I mean, the amount of womanly assets available to him in this crisis. How will our MC cope with such a strenuous circumstance?

    Knights of Sidonia was made purely for harem… with a lot of tacked-on “sci-fi”-elements. By that I mean, they follow every space cliche in the book. “How can I make a typical and meh harem story different?… Oh-fucking-yeah. SPACE and RUBUTS.” Yeah, like how a hermaphrodite-character (which is actually interesting) became regular-harem girl because she likes MC-kun? Yeah, go fuck yourself bloody for that ass-pull.
    Bonus: meh 3D… Nope.

    Honestly, Trigger is pretty overrated. Them being “goofy” doesn’t make them instantly “better”. Their art-direction is different from your average haremshit, but that really doesn’t mean anything anymore. Anything beats haremshit. Their story-telling is average at best. It’s the people that are caught up on shiny lights, frame angles, and techno-colors that say that it’s hype. That’s what I thought about Kill-la-Kill. It’s just goofy, but other than that it’s a video game story. Should I expect anything else from Ninja Slayer? Nope. Other than MCs screaming out special move names and DBZ-style power auras?

    Really the only thing I’m remotely interested in is Ore Monogatari!!. And even then, I just want to see what they’re going to pull off with a character that looks like he’s from Abarenbou Rikishi. It’s probably gonna be a casual “feel-good” show that I’d be tuning into until I kind of get tired of it until it falls to the trap of shoujo manga conventions. The presence of the typical Shoujo-Hot-Guy does make the story more interesting. Really, this show was made to turn the typical shoujo-story of “I’m a normal high school girl that for SOME REASON caught the attention of school idol guy” on its head. Let’s see how far that go with that.

    Someone told me that Spring quarter anime are supposedly “better” because of some awards ceremony bullshit. Yeah, nah. This season looks as abysmal as every other season to date. Fuck, at least SAO is absent…

    PS: DxD and Nisekoi… hahahahahaha… wow. Okay. Yeah, that shit’s continuing.

    1. kcat4

      Ore Monogatari is ok. It’s definitely a “feel good” shoujo with the focus on the guy. It’s your mediocre drink before diving into the shitter which will be quite often considering many of the other shows this season. Then of course you get the hard liquor afterward. Also weirdly enough Ore monogatari has had manga crossovers with. several series including Nisekoi and Ao Haru Ride. .

        1. kcat4

          You can if you want to. Personally I enjoy the manga. While I will never call it revolutionary or amazing, it is willing to experiment and rearrange some of the more common scenes in romance series. That is honestly more than I can say for the series it crosses over with.

  11. Day

    Digimon Tri is delayed until July. Guess you’ll have to find something else to blog every week, bro.

    Utapri and Vampire Holmes will obviously be the shows of the season.

    First vol of Shokugeki manga had a shot of tentacle rape as a metaphor for… uh, how delicious some octopus that the lead made was? Makes perfect sense!

    1. contrasena842003

      Denpa Kyoushi…. I hate the manga now…. If you didn’t like Inaho from Aldnoah… I’m warning you that he is like a subatomic particle in comparison with Denpa Kyoushi’s protagonist… He knew how the universe will end (?) before the big bang even happened.

        1. kcat4

          Yes, yes, one thousand times yes! If you have ever worked hard to achieve anything … forget that if you have ever worked to achieve anything you will hate him.

  12. Anonymous

    Read the Shokugeki cooking Manga. Not really funny, tries to play too much into the ZOMG we take this little part of life seriously.

    Example every sports Anima ever: basically doing the x is love x is life thing.

    Anyways if it’s that easy to form a conclusion based on a season preview you know Anima is doing something wrong.

    Is it me or does every Anima try to be some sort of power trip now? X appears and Y nerd is chosen by fate. Like last season. Oh look HE USES A SHIELD or Oh LOOK HE’S A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE CAUSE HE HAS THIS SPIRIT.

  13. ironherc

    “I hear this show is fucking popular as hell in Brazil”
    As well as Mexico (my original home), China, France, Spain and among other parts of europe. But yeah, I was laughing my ass off hearing that.
    I’m excited for Saint Seiya Soul of Gold the most out of all the season and then Digimon Tri (is all in the seniority bro). Both are loved franchises from my youth.

    Fate/Stay Night is good, but not a flawless masterpiece as many people make it out to be so I’ll watch that too.

    Nanoha is my guiltiest of all pleasures though the new series pretty much highlights the worst parts of the franchise (lots of lolis and shallow yuri elements). I’m mostly into the world and lore it has. But I guess fans just want their cute shit all the way.

    Arslan Senki is based on a epic novel and this is adapting it’s manga adaptation by the creator of full metal alchemist, so of course I’ll watch it.

    Gunslinger Stratos looks interesting so I’ll watch, Im a sucker for action do not judge.

    Kekkai Sensei, anime based on a manga by the creator of freaking Trigun and Gungrave….sold.

    Owari No Seraph is a manga that’s been recommended to me for a while and I heard it was great, so I’ll give it a chance.

    Punchline is something I’m not sure, while I wait for MAPPA’s summer anime adaptation of the classic “Ushio and Tora” manga, I guess I can try this out since they have not disappointed yet.

    Ore Monogatari seems really interesting, and yes ugly guys too have ended up with really pretty girls (I’ve been witness of such events) if it’s handled well I think it can work.

    Knights of Sidonia, I don’t know about you guys but I admit that it does have it’s harem elements that I’ve just realized it had. But if this season does not give me a better story then i will be greatly disappointed.

    Ninja Slayer is a weird yet awesome novel that I’ve read a bit of (pamphlets were given on anime expo last year with the first chapter of the novel as a preview) and pretty much it’s a japanese take on an american take on ninjas. Ninjas been demigods who use the mighty power of “Karate” to do superhuman feats and eat sushi to heal their wounds among other crazy stuff like that. I’m excited for this one since clearly is made for fun (something some anime forgot to do).
    There’s other shows too but I’ll just have to see later.

    1. E Minor Post author

      yes ugly guys too have ended up with really pretty girl

      We know it happens. That wasn’t the point I was trying to make.

  14. Lim Cheng Yi

    Fuck ya digimon.

    I probably watch that and highschool dxd.

    Fuck Nisekoi, it’s gonna be status quote for a few months, seriously, that made my top 10 list of most boring anime, top spot of cos belongs to madouka. Still trying to figure out 2nd or 3rd spot, which one of them should summer war belong to..

    1. spectreandy

      Wait, you think that Nisekoi is “harem status quo”, but Highschool DxD is somehow not?
      DxD’s supernatural monster-chicks in Jap battle-highschool is as original as Nisekoi’s yakuza/mafia chicks in highschool gimmick.

      Both of those are trash, but whatever floats your boat bro.

  15. anabchamploni

    “I hear this show is fucking popular as hell in Brazil.”

    As a brazilian I can assert this is 150% true. There isn’t a single child in Brazil born in the 90’s that doesn’t know how to sing “Pegasus fantasy”. Saint Seiya is so popular in here that Cruncyhroll will stream Soul of Gold for free in the country.

    Ps: can anyone confirm that Digimon Tri is gonna be delayed?

  16. Aveste

    Eh. I’ll watch Nanoha Vivid. Probably going to end up disappointed in it, too, because I’m not a starry-eyed tween into magical girl shows anymore, but it’s worth a try, for nostalgia’s sake.
    (And Ore Monogatari, perhaps? Maybe? Possibly? It sounds harmless enough.)

    I agree with SP – nothing seems particularly remarkable or appealing this season. Thank you for trudging on and taking time to post about it nonetheless. This was nice to read after a frankly shitty day; and the ‘tears in the rain’ line is perfect.

  17. Pia

    “He has a golden heart! And he’ll use that golden heart to win the cutest girl around, proving that looks truly don’t matter!”
    That’s exactly why I’m cautious with this show, I’m going to watch it but I get a vibe of pandering the “ugly insecure otaku” from it.

    That being said, this spring season looks uninteresting, the lack of interesting original anime is noticeable, nothing new really stands out if you’re looking for something profound, and the sequels are the only saving grace for the most part if you enjoyed their prequels.

  18. starg09

    When I read about that “Body Swap” anime, I got my hopes a little up… Nope, sounds like a shitty excuse to get you in… Oh well, eventually there will be a “Shishunki Bitter Change” anime, and I’ll be happy.

  19. Anonymous

    Seraph of the End and Plastic Memories are surprisingly good. Nothing incredibly amazing or anything like that, but still a pleasant surprise.

  20. The Real Sugoi Sugoi

    > Antisocial kid gets the golden opportunity of the lifetime to hang out with the school’s prettiest girl? Sure. And tomorrow night, I’m flying to the moon.

    Don’t you mean prettiest girls? Because this show, despite its shallow attempts at social commentary, is basically a harem show through and through. Or, rather, a middlebrow harem show, which is arguably worse than a lowbrow harem show due to its pretensions.

    > Oh goodie, another season where Fate fans say how much I suck because I don’t adore their series.

    I relish the tears of pompous and uptight Fate/Stay Night fans. I look forward to seeing them cry in your comments section. I just watched the first episode of the new season and I can’t wait to see you tear it apart! It’s every bit as shitty and talky as I thought it would be.

    > Trigger is done adapting shitty light novels that nobody cares about. They hope you’ll care about this one!

    Okay, but when will they be done making shitty shows?

    Anime is fucking shit. Holy shit.

  21. Anonymous

    Only show that matters is JOJO. Only 10 episodes left. This is history in the making.

    Also, WTF have they done to Arslan Senki? Just compare the 90’s design to this moe shit.


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