Everything Else Pt. 8 (Spring ’18)

I don’t really have the energy for this, so this post will probably suck. 

3D Kanojo Real Girl Ep. 9

Everyone sucks here, but Sumie’s a special kind of terrible for trying to go after someone who is already in a relationship. God, they’re all either stupid or selfish. Every single one of them. I like melodrama, but I hate this sort of melodrama, because these characters are so terrible. A show like Just Because! is right in my wheelhouse because the friendships there are so wholesome. Everyone legitimately helps each other out. In this show, it’s just one big whinefest between Hikaru’s cluelessness, Iroha’s inability to communicate, and Sumie’s selfishness. I hope they all break up and go back to their lonely lives, because it doesn’t seem like their friendships are actually making them happy. Seriously, the more they spend time together, the more they just hurt each other. They seemed legitimately happier before Hikaru and Iroha ever got together, so what’s the point? Just give up.

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Ep. 6

I really hate it when stories do this sort of thing. We know that Sagara and Chidori are a sure thing. They’re written in stone, the contract has been sealed, so on and so forth. There’s no point dancing around the issue any further. So whenever a character like Nami is introduced, there can only be two possible outcomes, and they are both necessarily bad for the girl. After all, she cannot disrupt the status quo. She cannot replace Chidori. She can only temporarily fill in for the missing heroine. Basically, Nami will either get her heart broken, or she’ll die. One thing for sure, she cannot stand in Chidori’s way when it’s time for the two main characters to reunite. Not only has Full Metal Panic! written itself into a predictable and cliched corner, I just hate the idea of characters that are destined to fail right from the get-go.

Hinamatsuri Ep. 8

Wasn’t as funny as previous episodes for some reason.

Hisone to Maso-tan Ep. 7

Apparently, something big is supposed to happen once these poor girls become emotionally dependent upon their OTFs. Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds. Iiboshi’s latest scheme is to crush the D-Pilots’ hearts. For instance, Haruto is instructed to make Hisone fall in love with him, then reject her completely. The idea here is that the resulting heartbreak will make the girl give up on love, thereby tying her heart even closer to Masotan. That’s hilariously unethical, but supposedly, the future of the nation depends on the success of the Ritual… whatever it is. I doubt Haruto can pull this off. He’s not that heartless… but we’ll see. One big problem is that Haruto might end up falling in love with Hisone, so it makes even less sense for him to hurt her. Plus, Hisone is one of those typical clueless anime characters. You know what I’m talking about. These characters are so blissfully unaware of matters concerning the heart that you can’t even imagine them falling in love. A guy asks Hisone out to the movies, and not once does she think, “Gee, I wonder why he wants to hang out with me.”

I’ll also be really disappointed if Eru ends up falling for an asshole just because he thinks she’s cool. Talk about dumb.


Shokugeki no Soma S3 Ep. 20

The ratio of mashed potatoes to meat sauce is too high here. Oh, my bad… pomme puree.

Meanwhile, Team Saiba offers up this deconstructed version of hachis parmentier, so I guess it deserves to win for its innovation. Of course, we can’t really judge without having a taste ourselves. In the end, the results of this practice match isn’t all that important, really. Their newfound teamwork isn’t even that important either. What’s important is that Erina accepts that it’s okay to have fun cooking. For all the vaunted talk about teamwork, the key to their victory is Erina.

The good guys need two strong contenders. Eishi and Rindo are 1st and 2nd chairs respectively, so I assume Yukihira and Erina will have to face those two in the end. As a the protagonist of the entire series, Yukihira is a no brainer. Takumi’s not good enough to join him, and Megumi is… pfft, she’s just a warm body. It can only be Erina. Plus, we’ve never seen her compete in a big event like this, so I feel like this entire arc is all about her and her redemption. She lost a lot of credibility by becoming this passive, weak-willed child that Yukihira needed to save (in her grandfather’s words). It’s time for her to stand up and take the reins. She needs to drive her future. What better way than to spearhead this inevitable victory against her father’s army of soulless cooks? Anyways, Erina’s only had one other official match, and it was a stupid one at the very start of the entire story. It served to show us how “strong” of a cook she was. Well, she hasn’t been under any fire since then, so we’ve kinda forgotten the fact that she’s technically supposed to be a better cook than Yukihira. Is this still true? I guess we’ll find out.

This is just stupid. We also learn that Saiba has supposedly competed in a 1 vs. 50 matchup. That’s even more stupid.

Toji no Miko Ep. 20

I’m still keeping an eye on this show. It’s… whatever. Hiyori has always hated aradama, but she willingly fuses with one in order to drive Princess Tagitsu back. She’s stronger now, but she might have lost some of her humanity in the process. So I guess that’s character development for you. Four episodes left, boys.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Ep. 9

MRW I hear that this adaptation will continue with 12 more episodes in the fall.

How is this not a comedy through and through? This is a joke.

4 thoughts on “Everything Else Pt. 8 (Spring ’18)

  1. sonicsenryaku

    I feel bad for Nami; she’s a headstrong babe who has the personality to fill-in as a reliable female lead but something tells me her desire to want to help Sousuke with his goals is going to get her killed. Like you said, she’s destined to lose in some sort of fashion. It feels like this arc is building to crush Sousuke’s spirits, as if to teach him the lesson that he can never life a violence-free life; that’s just the vibe I’m getting

    1. Sean Post author

      Well, he’s getting the classic hero’s lesson. Someone in his position does not get the luxury of having allies unless he crushes all of his enemies beforehand. Unfortunately, killing your enemies without mercy seems antithetical to being a hero in the first place, but that’s how it is. He’s getting all of these innocent people involved in his world, and someone like Nami is going to pay. The sad thing is, when the story ends with him getting his princess (Chidori) back, no one’s gonna spare a thought for the people that lost their lives in this arc. This is why I don’t like it when characters like Nami crop up in stories. They’re just there to be sacrificial lambs, and I hate it.

  2. sonicsenryaku

    “The sad thing is, when the story ends with him getting his princess (Chidori) back, no one’s gonna spare a thought for the people that lost their lives in this arc.”

    …….Yea you’re right….that’s so artificially tragic; considering FMP truly commits the sin of handwaving away the sacrifices made throughout the story with “Yaaay i got my happy ending, who cares.” That aside, it does suck when you know that a story is purposefully endearing you to characters just to be rid of them later. It’s more egregious when that story has locked itself into only one option and you know it’s the inevitable path but it still tries to pretend that an alternative option is possible. It’s for this particular reason why i get annoyed with certain anime romances. It’s one thing to throw a little conflict in the main relationship to make things interesting, but if the entire basis of your narrative is pointing to there only being one definitive canonical pair, who do you think you’re fooling by trying to make it seem like any other potential love interests are possible? It’s false drama and it’s not cool

  3. ndqanhvn

    The last image almost remind me your “Moment of Zen” screenshots before…I actually quite enjoyed those screenshots, really.


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