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Anime Potpourri


Alas, the beautiful masterpiece you see above is not my work. I typed “anime potpourri” into Google Images and shamelessly ripped the picture off this brilliant site. Forgive me for violating important anime blogging copyright laws… Ew, something smells.

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Nyan Koi Ep. 4: Still more boobs than cats.


Take two shots for every different angle of Mizuno jumping across that high bar. I counted nine which makes me think Michael Cimino must have found his way to Japan. If you really want to kill yourself, add a shot for every sparkle on the screen. She glitters almost as much as Edward Cullen. I wonder, however, if Mizuno has the skin of a killer or just the skin of a horribly boring and generic harem girl? Hmm, tough question…

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Nyan Koi! Ep. 1: ;3


“The more remote and unreal the personal mother is, the more deeply will the son’s yearning for her clutch at his soul, awakening that primordial and eternal image of the mother for whose sake everything that embraces, protects, nourishes, and helps assumes maternal form, from the Alma Mater of the university to the personification of cities, countries, sciences and ideals.” – Jung, “Paracelsus as a Spiritual Phenomenon” (1942) In CW 13: Alchemical Studies P.47

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