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Fall Weekly Anime Roundup #7

Our theme today is inane, inane, INANE.

Look at them–they look like beavers or something.

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The Weekly Anime Roundup: Nyan Koi Ep. 6 and More

In addition to Nyan Koi!, we’ll also take a look at a show I haven’t seen before in Thriller Restaurant, revisit 11Eyes, see if the plot in The Sacred Blacksmith finally goes anywhere and finally, if we have time, maybe even peek at Kampfer again.

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Anime Potpourri


Alas, the beautiful masterpiece you see above is not my work. I typed “anime potpourri” into Google Images and shamelessly ripped the picture off this brilliant site. Forgive me for violating important anime blogging copyright laws… Ew, something smells.

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Nyan Koi Ep. 4: Still more boobs than cats.


Take two shots for every different angle of Mizuno jumping across that high bar. I counted nine which makes me think Michael Cimino must have found his way to Japan. If you really want to kill yourself, add a shot for every sparkle on the screen. She glitters almost as much as Edward Cullen. I wonder, however, if Mizuno has the skin of a killer or just the skin of a horribly boring and generic harem girl? Hmm, tough question…

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