Week 2’s Worst

At the end of the week, I steel myself for the worst and try to watch some of the lesser anime out there. You know the ones — the Chu-Bra’s and Onamori Himari’s of our lives. Sure, other shows are bad, but usually in a spectacular car wreck fashion that’s interesting to watch in some morbid way. The shows I want to talk about for this post, on the other hand, are terrible in such a mundane way that they normally wouldn’t even register on our radar. Let’s look at the candidates for the worst anime of the week.

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Mina Tepes as a Reflection

In the 19th century, Dracula symbolized the foreign threat, the morally corrupting force preying upon British women. Now, in the 21st century, the vampire queen Mina Tepes dances seductively on a construction site, waiting for her man to catch her from falling. What has the vampire mythos become and what is it saying?

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